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How To Handle Post Natal Depression
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How to Handle Post Natal Depression

One of the joys of motherhood is giving birth to a healthy beautiful baby. The happiness of such a moment cannot be compared to any other experience. However, a great number of women experience emotional turmoil during or after giving birth which is commonly known as post natal depression.

In many cases, depression occurs within the first four weeks of childbirth and can continue up to a year later. This condition can bring about sudden changes on the mother which may lead to serious complication if not attended to immediately. It is mostly characterized by, lack of concentration, poor appetite, extreme mood swings and at times the mother might have suicidal thoughts.

However, there are various ways on how to handle this condition. They include:

  • Counseling

It is very important for a lactating mother to attend counseling sessions. It is during such forums that they get helpful tips on how to handle it. One gets to share with the counselor what they are going through and get advice on how to go about being a new mother.

  • Getting enough rest

Being a mother comes with a lot of responsibilities. This means that many times, the mother has a lot of things to attend to. This brings about confusion and at worse depression. Thus one needs to get enough rest. Try getting some sleep when the baby takes a nap. The mother can get someone to help them with the child if necessary.

  • Talk to a loved one

After giving birth, one might feel like they need solitude. However, it is advisable to have someone with you to share whatever you might be going through. Therefore, you should open up to a friend or a family member about the baby blues that you might be going through as this will go a long way in helping you out of your depression.

  • Join a Post-natal support group

Due to the growing number of mothers having to deal with the after birth blues, there are a number of post natal support groups set up to help the mothers overcome this condition. In such gatherings, mothers who have just given birth come together to share their experiences. This enables them to know that they are not alone and get various tips on how to handle the matter. This has been very helpful to many women who have found themselves in such a situation.

  • Eat healthy food

It is normal for a mother to have craving for certain types of foods. However, some of these foods largely bring post natal stress. It is therefore advisable for a new mother to have a healthy diet. The depression is sometimes as a result of one having low amounts of fatty acid in their body. It is important for a mother to increase their intake of Omega 3. This means that one should include more seafood in their diet.

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