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Positive Behavior Intervention Help Child Learn Acceptable Behaviours
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When in stress, we tend to look at the things not as they are, but as we want them to be. A human being processes the thoughts as per his/her perception. Workplaces have never been an easy job to handle. With different cultural beliefs and values, and different thought processes the grievances and conflicts are inevitable.

However, one might get relieved of all these clutter, confusion and work-life stress and increase his/her productivity at work, with appropriate behavior modification techniques.

How relevant are these techniques and methods in maintaining the work-life balance?

The programs are focused at processing one’s emotions and understanding the origin, extent and influence of negative thought process on one’s behavior. The programs initiates with ascertaining the past resentments, hurt, failures and reasons for scrupulous dangerous behavior. The techniques are designed to help you in getting out of the negative thinking processes in an organized way and result in effective results.

These strategies are well designed to return back the work and life balance and give the person a new beginning. There are certain ways to manage behavior at workplace such as positive reinforcement, motivation, recognition, discovering the loopholes, participation in decision making, reducing the target pressure and conflict management.

Behavior modification techniques require changes to be made in the workplace policies and support from employee, superiors, peers and the family. It is important to uncover the pain underlying, and the triggers of person’s response in a particular situation.

As it is said, children are like wet cement, whosoever walks, leaves an imprint. Children usually display an array or unacceptable behaviors which is not deliberate. Nevertheless, positive interventions can be helpful in making a child learn the positive behaviors.

The focus of such interventions is to make the families understand the importance of positive behavior intervention programs and help their child in learning the socially acceptable behaviors.

Getting started-

A child has two models- at home, parents and in school, the teachers. So, if the models keep yelling, punishing and get aggravated, they set wrong standards of behaviors for the child. In response, the child develops negative behaviors, is hurt and has deep pain inside and fails to achieve success.

The challenge existing here is to know the importance of positive behavior intervention and find out new ways to induce positivity. Some of the constructive positive interventions are-

• Teach child about the acceptable behaviors politely and calmly

• Try to uncover the reasons for his responses in the given situation

• Communicate timely and don’t let your child feel alone

• Bring the required changes in environment and the model’s behavior

• Consistently teach behaviors and recognize and reward them appropriately

• Don’t make use of “do it or else” coercions or punishments

• Enforce the meaningful consequences for behavioral interventions

Don’t treat punishments a medicine to bad and unacceptable behaviors. Instead, know the context and the reasons for behavior such as peer issues, noise levels, distractions, anxiety, fatigue, tough curriculum, assignments or others to bring positive behavior in child.

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