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Why Infrared Saunas Help Fight Depression
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Why Infrared Saunas Help Fight Depression

Are you depressed? Did you know that infrared saunas help fight depression? This is a true fact.. This article will explore how Infrared saunas provide a great pick me up for minimally depressed people. If you are seriously depressed then I highly suggest you confirm infrared sauna usage with your physician.

Sometimes just the wear and tear of everyday activities can create a hum-drum life.

You go to work, you come home, eat dinner, watch a little TV, go to bed and then the next morning you start the day off again with the same routine. This is especially true for seasoned married couples that seem to drift into a semi-unconscious state of living.

But how do infrared saunas help?

No, they don't break up the monotonous daily activities that we all must face. But what they do is release Endorphins that give you a good mood and a rosy disposition that can make your day a lot better.

When the warm radiant heat hits your inner body, your cells send a signal to your brain that says “Hey This Feels Good.” Then your brain responds with a message to the rest of your body that releases good feeling endorphins that can take you through the day upbeat and feeling great..

Since depression is just as physical as it is mental, infrared heat can perform a minor miracle on your body that will make you feel good all over. Since radiant heat goes beneath your skin 2 inches, this makes your cells the first to react to radiant heat. At the same time heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic poisons that reside in your cells will be released from your body through sweat.

Many times it is these metals and toxins are the very root of depression. An infrared sauna with its radiant heat releases these toxins and frees up your body.

When you become accustom to regularly spending time in your sauna your body will respond with a feeling of well being. This is the joy of owning a infrared sauna, it makes your body feel as if you were basking in the sunlight on a bright and cheerful summer day.

It makes no difference whether you are 15 or 50 everyone gets down now and then, but it is hard to be depressed when you are feeling good. Infrared saunas are built to make your whole body feel good from the inside out. So if you are depressed or feeling down, Why not try an infrared sauna for a quick pick-me up?

Many medical reports lately have been written about the raving health benefits that an infrared sauna provides but few articles are written on how infrared heat can really make depression disappear and this happens without taking Prozac or any other high priced medication.

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