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How To Make A Baby Boody Cake
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How to Make A Baby Boody Cake

A short tutorial on making a baby boody cake

When I say boody, I mean diaper bum and little toes!! Such a big hit with baby showers...they are just too cute. But, how do we make it..simple, first have your best friend go to culinary school and come home and teach you all the basic technique's of cake baking... Thank you T! And get over the fear of messing it up, because a little mistake gives you the opportunity to be more creative. Well, let's get to it...I am going to give you the basics on how to put one together and then let the creativeness flow.

What you will need

First, the baby boody is a round cake, I use my medium sized Pyrex bowl, or a bowl shape baking pan. You will need a small 6" round cake pan as well, or whatever size you have, for the legs. You will be cutting two legs out of these. Then, whatever size cake you want to put it on, a 13 by 9 or 12" round will work. You will probably need around three boxes of cake for this to split between the 6" round and the bowl, and two for the bottom cake. Cake boards are useful to put the cake on, a round one to fit the bowl-shaped cake, and one for your base. You will need frosting, I usually mix up a batch of butter cream, but the pre-made stuff works just fine, around three tubs, four to be safe. Fondant, the smaller box, or one batch of your own will work for just the baby boody, for the rest of your cake you will need more depending on the size of cake.

How to shape and put together the cake

  1. Make the top of the bowl cake straight by cutting, then flip over on to a cake board that fits it, or cut one to fit it, and you have a baby boody.
  2. Cut the 6" round cake in half and carve two legs that sit right on each side of the boody, carve them so they are round like legs. Put them on the sides and leave room for two feet in the middle. Use the picture as a guide!!
  3. Then lets frost this nicely so you can lay some fondant down. The boody first...roll out some white fondant for a diaper or colored if you would like, smooth it out... then with some flesh-colored fondant, roll out and wrap your legs, covering completely.
  4. With the flesh color, make two little baby feet, complete with ten little toes and set aside. Like you're using play-dough.. how fun!
  5. Assemble the boody and the legs on top of your completely finished bottom/base cake.
  6. Put your feet on there, use a little water to attach it to the legs, bending slightly to create a wrinkly foot effect.
  7. Make a 'blanket' with a sheet of fondant to cover over the back, so the boody with the little toes sticking out of it.
  8. Creativley decorate it according to your theme!!

End product

For those little messy spots, maybe use some fondant cut outs of hearts,flowers, or stars to cover them up. Frosting also works well at hiding little seams. Once you added all your flare... your finished product- your baby boody cake it ready for the party. Becareful transporting and enjoy your compliments. Bake cake and be happy! Any questions, or if I left a step out please leave me a comment! I will be happy to respond, and I hope this little tutorial on how to make a baby boody cake was helpful.

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