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Discover Croatia
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Discover Croatia

Do you want to know where, according to Alfred Hitchcock, the most beautiful sunset is? Or where the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” was filmed?

Welcome to Croatia – one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Well preserved ancient towns with Renaissance buildings, crystal clear sea and thousands of islands – these are just a few of the Croatian treasures, which attract tourists from the whole world to Croatia every year.

The culture of Croatia

Croatia boasts rich cultural heritage, dating back to the Roman era. Many cultural monuments are included in the list of The World Cultural Heritage like the Roman Amphitheater in Pula(also known as Pula Arena), the Diocletian palace in Split, the Old Town of Dubrovnik. The architecture of the old towns bears the features of the Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque style.

Many of the historical monuments have been destroyed during the wars of the 20th century, however most of them have been reconstructed and today they attract visitors from the whole world.

Among the symbols of the contemporary Croatian culture are the annual Croatian festivals, dedicated to the local folklore. Most of them take place in the summer.

The national parks – the natural splendor of Croatia

You can not afford visiting Croatia without spending at least one day at any of the national parks.

Eight national parks – eight pieces of heaven: Brijuni, Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Risnjak and North Velebit. Diversity of flora and fauna, cascading waters, breath-taking views – it is hard to describe the magnificent beauty of the Croatian national parks.Therefore, I posted a picture here, that I took from my visit to Plitvice lakes two years ago, so you can get a bit of its astonishing natural beauty.

Plitvice National Park, located 150 km from the capital city – Zagreb, is the most visited national park of Croatia and is listed in the UNESCO's Register of World Natural Heritage. With its sixteen lakes with emerald water, flowing into foamy waterfalls, karst rocks and unique flora, Plitvice is a magnetic place for nature lovers, hikers and walkers.

The holiday resorts in Croatia

The Mediterranean aura, the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea and the many breath-taking sights are just a few of the reasons why the Croatian coast is the most attractive tourist destination of Croatia.

Even if you don’t know much about Croatia, you have provably heard of Dubrovnik, known as “the pearl of the Adriatic”.

It is no wonder why CNNGo ranks Dubrovnik one of the 10 most beautiful medieval cities. Dubrovnik has a rich history with living reminders from the preserved Renaissance buildings, churches and cathedrals. A symbol of the town is the nearly two meter high wall, which reveals beautiful view to the Adriatic Sea and the small island Lorkum. Even George Bernard Show was fascinated by the beauty of Dubrovnik, which he once has called “heaven on earth”.

Another romantic place, located in the Northern Dalmatia, is Zadar. There is a lot to see in this picturesque Mediterranean town, but the most remarkable places are the Sea organ and the Greeting to the sun – a wide circle of multi-layered glass plates which collect sun light during the day and release it during the night.

Alfred Hitchcock has confirmed the romantic beauty of Zadar, where he has experienced “the most beautiful sunset in the world”.

There are many other worth-visiting places along the whole Croatian coast. Just a few of them are the island and the town of Hvar, known as the “sunny Hvar”, Split, Sibenik, Korcula, Opatia and many more.

If you have chosen any of the Croatian resorts for your summer holiday, be aware, that most of their beaches are rocky. However, there are also sandy beaches on the Dalmatian coast and one of the best of them is in the island Mlijet.


The major city of Croatia is a fusion of ancient culture and history, witness of which are the many monuments, museums and churches, and the features of the modern era. Zagreb doesn’t have the typical characteristics of a capital city – estrangement, stress and rush. If you have the chance to walk the streets of Zagreb or just have a coffee at any of the cozy cafes in the city center, you will notice that the people in Zagreb are rarely gloomy or worried.

It is hard to describe the enchanting beauty of Croatia. You should experience it yourself.

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