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Holidays To Sharm El Sheikh – All Inclusive Vs Self Catering Holidays
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Holidays to Sharm El Sheikh – All Inclusive Vs Self Catering Holidays

All Inclusive holidays are the most popular type of holiday available today. The value for money you get with everything thrown in, plus the additional bonus of not having to worry about watching the pennies and constantly telling the children that they can’t have this or they can’t have that - makes this type of holiday popular with families. This article will focus on all inclusive holidays in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and what advantages and disadvantages all inclusive resorts have over self catering holidays.

One price for all

Whilst they may seem more expensive from the outset, a lot is included in the price of the holiday. As standard many all inclusive resort will include breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks (including alcoholic drinks during certain times). When you think about a family of four, for example, the costs of paying for all of this really will add up.

There are also additional extras included in the price of an all inclusive package holiday. Many activities such as children’s clubs, gym, tennis, archery and in some hotels introductory scuba diving lessons are also included in the all inclusive price.

Better hotels and activities.

Another advantage of all inclusive resorts is that they tend to have the better pool areas. Many of the hotels in Sharm El Sheikh have two or more swimming pools, along with pools to cater for children. Some even have miniature water parks which are all included in the all inclusive price.

The downsides

Of course, like with everything, there are some downsides to all inclusive holidays. If you are someone who likes to see the world beyond the hotel, maybe go site seeing, then all inclusive may not be the best financial choice. Many excursions away from the resorts often don’t include the price of lunch or dinner in the excursion. This is an additional expense that will need to be considered. You have already paid for a meal back in the hotel, and buying food or eating out on an excursion can add to the cost of the trip, especially if you are with family. Of course, one or two trips may not make much difference, but if you are big on site seeing then all inclusive resorts may not be the bargain you were hoping for.

Not everything is included in the price of the holiday. For example, many hotels have several restaurants on site. Whilst one of these restaurants is reserved for all inclusive guests, the others you will have to book and pay for. Some hotels have more choice of all inclusive restaurants, but these are usually the more expensive resorts. It is something that is worth bearing in mind if you want to try different types of food whilst on holiday.

Not all activities are included in the all inclusive price either. Many activities such as spas, diving lessons (beyond the introductory courses in many hotels), child care facilities and some sports are an additional extra. Also, hiring equipment such as snorkeling gear is also an additional cost. When booking all inclusive holidays check what is included in the price as many all inclusive hotels differ from each other.

All Inclusive vs. Self Catering.

Self catering holidays are becoming more and more difficult to find nowadays. They do have some advantages over all inclusive holidays though. Firstly, they are much cheaper to begin with. Often times you can save around £300 on the price of a holiday, and if you are one of those people who like to explore beyond the hotel the money you save up front will more that cover any eating out. They are particularly helpful to people who simply cannot afford all inclusive holidays to begin with; especially since cooking your own food will save significant amounts of money. Self catering is ideal for families on a budget. It also gives the option of eating out at local restaurants and tasting the local cuisine.

There are also downsides. Only the holiday is paid for – any activities, food and drinks are all extra. There is also a limited choice of resorts available compared to all inclusive holidays to Egypt. Nevertheless, self catering holidays and all inclusive holidays both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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