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Moving To Spain
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Moving to Spain

We had been in the Brewery industry in The United Kingdom for twelve years and with the dawning of the

longer licensing hours as well as the no smoking ban, we all made the decision that it was the perfect

time to change our location as well as occupations. Looking back it was undoubtedly the right time to

relocate from the “pub game”.Moving to Spainstarted around the 1st December, 2005.

My husband, family members and I, said farewell to a cold and wintry England, and, boarded the

airplane in Manchester Airport terminal having a one way plane ticket to a completely new Spanish

life. We were fired up, anxious and extremely worried although very excited about relocating to

Southern spain, it had been a desire of ours for several years.

All of us were met at Malaga Airport terminal and transferred to our home in Fuengirola. Desperate to

look at our new city, we all left the unpacking till later on in the evening and went out and about to

get a little something to eat and also to investigate.

The sun's rays were shining down, holidaymakers were sunbathing on the beach front, the ocean was blue

and the place seemed to be humming with activity. Everything was so nice and clean, very clear sharp

and vibrant. Everybody was smiling and appeared completely happy, it was a uniquely slow paced life

from what we had been accustomed to. No one seemed in a rush, manana actually meant manana, there is

always time to do all sorts of things the next day or even at a later time.

We did not speak any of the spanish language when we initially relocated to Spain, and so equipped

with a Spanish/English dictionary we mastered our first couple of phrases – all things considered we

had to get shopping. We quickly learned the food and beverage translations, particularly when

utilizing a Spanish bar. Our pronunciation wasn't consistently accurate, but simply because we made an

effort, we discovered the Spanish people were prepared to assist and explained to us the right way to

pronounce things. There are a number of Spanish foreign language classes intended for foreign people

in Spain but we have now found the simplest way to learn is actually just by merging with the Spanish


The initial 6 months in our Spanish life was the most difficult. Indeed we did get homesick, all of us

did miss our extended family members and close friends plus it was a whole lot worse if they visited

and returned to the United kingdom. We did go back for a wedding the following summer, the weather was

rainy and cold! During the seven months we'd been in Spain, stuff had altered, we'd changed. We could

not wait to get back into our Spanish and tranquil lifestyle.

Now we have some Spanish friends, we have been discovering their customs and cultures, take pleasure

in most of the fiestas, we try out their meals plus they help teach us their language and we help them

with their English. A lot of our nearby neighbours have been extremely welcoming and pleasant and they

are very family orientated. They've got a community mindset and look after one another and the young

people display lots of respect to the mature and older generations.

Did we do the right thing moving to Spain? We certainly believe we did, we have resided here now for

six years and we're enjoying ourselves. We don't experience any sort of pressure, we are living every

day as it comes along, we enjoy an outdoors Spanish lifestyle and we have gorgeous weather conditions.

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