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Places To Visit In Nassau,bahamas
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If you are planning to visit the Island of New Providence, for the first time, it's important that you visit all historical sites and places of interest, so that you will better understand the culture and the way of life of the Bahamian people.

Visiting the Forts, The Straw Market, Water Tower, Queen's Staircase, Pompey Museum, Society of Museum, The Cloister and Government House, or just strolling down Bay Street looking at the architecture of our building gives you a view of our Colonial past.

Fort Charlotte

This is the largest and most interesting of the three main forts. Built in 1789 by Lord Dunmore and named in honour of the wife of King George 111, are actually three forts in one. The middle section called Fort Stanley and the Western section known as Fort D'Arcy who was the engineer that built it. However the Governor stated that it appeared that the engineer did not appreciate the honour.This fortress cut out of a hill, and the blocks built the Police Head Quarters on East Street.

Fort Nassau

Built in 1697 on the western area of Bay Street near the British Colonial Hilton Hotel, the fort leveled in 1700. In 1702 the Governor Elias incarcerated.

Water Tower

This structure is white and constructed in 1928, and is 126 feet tall. It's just about fifty yards from the Fort, it provided water for the city, and later a tourist attraction, providing an aerial spectacular view of the island. At present the elevator is not working, but if you are in for a work out, you can take the winding 216 steps to the top.

Fort Montagu

This fort construction started in 1728 and finished in 1742, by chief engineer Henry Bruce; it guarded the eastern entrance to New Providence and named in honour of the Duke of Montagu.

The Cloister

The Cloister is the remains of a 14th Century French Monastery, imported to the United States by William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper baron in 1920's. Forty years later the cloisters rebuilt on Paradise Island Bahamas, by Huntington Hartford and installed at the top of a hill, overlooking the harbour of Nassau. On the northern side of the cloister is a street, there resides on the other side a lush evergreen garden, with tropical flowers colours of many hue and types. Also displayed are many bronze statues of men that once enjoyed fame, fortune and a good life, who have long gone before us, but their memory still lingers on.

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