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Places To Visit In Nassau,bahamas #2
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The Pompey Museum

Built sometime before 1796 and named after the slave Pompey, who lived in the settlement Stevenson , was first used as a marketplace until the late 1800. Unfortunately slaves were among the commodities sold in this building. There is a permanent exhibit displaying the experiencing of slaves in the Bahamas. At present the Pompey Museum is under renovation after suffering two major fires. In 2001 and more recently 2011.

The Bahamas Historical Society Museum

This museum locality is on the corner of Shirley St and Elizabeth Ave. It holds a collection historical anthropological and archaeological artifacts, that span over 500 years of Bahamian history.

Queen's Staircase

One of Nassau most visited attraction is the Queen Staircase. The staircase has 65 steps, carved out of solid limestone by slaves, with axes and chisel in the 18th century, between 1793 and 1794. The 102 foot staircase named in honour of the 65 years of Queen Victoria's Reign. This monument is also called 66 steps, and it is east of the Fort and below Bennet hill.

Straw Market

Nassau most visited tourist spot, is a place where you can buy all types od souvenirs, straw basket, hats, necklaces, wrap skirts, dresses and T Shirts and other touristic apparel. This building houses over six hundred venders, and a place where you can bargain for what you want.

Government House

Built in 1806 by Governor Richard Fitzwilliam. It's site is on Mont Fitzwilliam on a 10 acre plot of land. The statue of Christopher Columbus still guards the northern entrance of government house. At the two side entrance officers from the Defence Force provide security for his residence. At the rear of this residence is a large garden with many types of palm trees and plants.

Gregory Arch

Built during 1850 in memory of Governor John Gregory, it opened to the public on 19th January 1852. This arch is next to Government House and Market Street. Nassau is north of the arch and a place we call over the hill is South. Farmers took their crops to Vendue House on a cart pulled by a Donkey, on this same ancient street.

Forts Armaments

All forts in New Providence had weaponry or Battery. The Canons and the Canon Howitzers used a variety of ball sizes. 6 pounders, 9 pounders, 12 pounders, 32 pounders. The cannon balls were kept in an oven that made them hot, so when fired into a ship, it would penetrate and explode in flames.

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