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Relaxing Caribbean Vacations
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Dreaming of white sandy beaches, verdant palm trees, warm turquoise waters, never ending sunshine? Then the Caribbean, a premiere tourist destination will surely provide you this and more. Getting to your Relaxing Caribbean Vacations is enough of a challenge especially if you have to travel long distances, you don’t want to be all drained out after your vacation, in need of a “vacation” after the vacation.

So have everything preplanned as much as possible including your hotel pick up times, you flight and check in times and most importantly keep some money with you in case of an emergency so that you are not stuck in a foreign place with little or no cash and a maxed out credit card. I have seen this happen, and make sure you are aware of all port charges before proceeding so you may have cash on hand. With this out of the way let us look at some simple but often over looked things we can do to enjoy your Relaxing Caribbean Vacations.

Phones. They are a great communication device but sometimes a nuisance especially cell phones. They are being used as tracking devices, so turn it off, if you must have one then purchase a really cheap one to travel with and leave you ordinary phone at home or with a trusted friend. In that way they get to answer all the annoying calls and you can give your temporary number only to your family members.Peace of mind.

This has one additional benefit because if the temporary phone is lost or damaged you have not lost your prime phone with all you information expensive to replace.

Pack all you need. Packing the right things is sometimes an art but be mind full of taking all the necessaries because it will be heart rendering if you have to buy common things at your hotel knowing that you have it at home or if you are travelling on a tight budget.Most Relaxing Caribbean Vacations have all you need so don't pack too much to mack the trip burdensome. I would include enough clothing items, sun screen, insect repellents, medication, travel documents and most of all, your camera. You will be having great fun and would not want to capture it for the future when you are reminiscing for it is said a picture is worth a thousand words but I wonder how much is a video worth?

When you get there. Sit, sleep, breathe easy, relax and be yourself. Make sure you catch on your rest the first opportunity you get, so you can be recharged for you next activity. Get yourself a massage or if not get an aroma bath in your hotel bath.

Do something out of the way. Enjoy a new adventure, one that you have never tried like bird watching, bungee jumping, under water walking or turtle watching. Or if you rather just sit in you lounge chair on the beach or pool taking in the cool Caribbean sun, sipping great cocktails and jamming to sweet soca or calypso music. The Caribbean is filled with a vast array of cuisine so try new food away from the usual hotel prepared ones to delight you palate. If you are at an all inclusive Caribbean hotel then the sky is the limit and don’t forget to ask for the chef’s special or the dish of the day.

I definitely suggest you mix with the locals as this is one sure fire way of getting a deeper experience of you vacation destination instead of going only on these structure tours.

Well, there you have it for fun filled Relaxing Caribbean Vacations and remember do keep some disposable income, do turn off your communication devices, do relax because that’s what a holiday is all about and most of all do something out of the ordinary with memories to last you a life time.

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