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Top 10 Cruise Destinations To Visit
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Planning a cruise vacation and trying to figure out what is the best destination for you can be difficult. Below is a list of the top 10 cruise destinations.

10. Panama Canal – With its rich culture and once in a lifetime canal crossing experience, this cruise destination is sure to be very memorable. Not only do you get to see such ports as Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and many more, but also you get to experience the crossing through the Panama Canal. Being on the ship as it snuggly fits into the locking system is truly a sight to see. This journey is usually a little longer, around 14-days, so there will be a few days at sea between ports, which give you time to relax and enjoy a margarita.

9. Caribbean – This is hands down one of the best cruise destinations for a shorter, leave the kids at home and party trip. With the beautiful beaches in each port, the Caribbean has so much to offer a first time cruiser or an experienced one, that it makes this list. The ports are close together, so there is something new to see and do each day. If you enjoy picturesque scenario then you will enjoy this cruise destination.

8. Fjords of Norway – Sailing by these massive fjords truly takes your breath away. It feels like something out of a movie when cruising through them. This is a very scenic cruise destination and is not as port intensive as other cruises.

7. Mediterranean – This is on everyone’s top 10 cruise destination list at some point in their life. With some of the most well known ports in the world, you can see a lot of different cultural views within a few days. These would include Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Athens. There are so many different great itineraries, that you can do a Mediterranean cruise multiple times.

6. Hawaii – Who doesn’t want to visit the Hawaiian Islands? Most people have this as a top 10 cruise destination, because you get the best of both worlds. You get a few casual days at sea going between the Hawaiian Islands and the US, also ports are located close by each other giving you plenty of time to take in the natural waterfalls and gorgeous beaches before needing to board the ship again.

5. Alaska – With thousands of positive reviews from cruise guests, Alaska gets a top 10 cruise destination position by the sheer beauty of the landscape alone. While aboard one of these cruises it is a must have to be in a balcony stateroom to really take in the views. You will be sure to pass by glaciers, see whales and visit some of the most unique ports around.

4. New Zealand – This top 10 cruise destination was a no brainer. Whether you are going there for their Kiwis or to see the sights, be prepared to enjoy every moment of it. New Zealand has some of the cleanest beaches around. This helps with the fantasy aura it gives off, which can bee seen in films like Lord of The Rings.

3. Amazon – This is a very unique experience, which gives it such a high top 10 cruise destination number. Most cruise lines don’t go down in here, except for some luxury lines and some river cruises. This means that it will have a more intimate feel to the journey. This is for a true adventurous cruiser who wants that uninhabited feel of the surrounding area and would like to investigate each port.

2. Antarctica – Polar bears, penguins and the southern most cruise you can take make this a top 10 cruise destination. The area you will be seeing is some of the most uninhabited places in the world. While having a little crispness to the air, you are about to see some the most undisturbed eco system around.

1. Galapagos Islands – This destination is worth the number one spot given on this top 10 cruise destination list. Only smaller, more intimate ships can weave their way through these islands, this gives you a really active and adventurous journey. With a lot of ports to see, this cruise requires a lot of walking, but is well worth it to see the Komodo Dragon and other species that are mixed in with this exotic setting.

This list will give you a so called "bucket list" for future cruise travel. Hopefully the information provided can help in selecting a future cruise. Whether the cruise you are looking for was on this list or not, these are arguably some of the most desired cruise destinations around. Happy cruising!

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