Useful Japanese Words For Your Trip In Japan
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Useful Japanese Words for Your Trip In Japan

If you are about to take a trip to Japan without knowing any Japanese words, at least try to memorize some of the expressions below; they will come in handy at some points.

助けて (tasukete) = Help.

This is the most important word you should keep in mind. If you are in danger, yell it out as loudly as you can.

やめて! (yamete!) = Stop it

If someone is doing any annoying thing or messing with you, “yamete” is the word for you to use.

トイレ (toire) = Toilet

Everyone will need to use the toilet, right? Even if you do not know how to ask properly, you can at least use the word to indicate what you need.

警察 (keisatsu) = Police

If something bad happens during your trip, try to ask other people for these guys.

医者 (isha) = Doctor

When you are not feeling well, use this word so that people can help you to find a doctor.

病院 (byouin) = Hospital

Another word to use when you get hurt. Say this word to other people and they will help you to get to the nearest hospital.

危ない (abunai) = Dangerous.

If you hear someone says the word, or you see it on a sign, you should get away from that place as soon as possible.

危険 (kiken) = Seriously dangerous

This word has the same meaning with “abunai”, only with the indication of the higher level of danger.

わかりません (wakarimasen) = I don’t understand

If you cannot understand Japanese, just say “wakarimasen.”

英語 (eigo) = English

Follow the “wakarimasen” with “eigo” to look for someone who can speak English.

So that is it for today. If you have any other suggestions adding to this list, feel free to share with us. We’d love to hear from you!


Bonus: English commonly used slang

Have you ever heard your English native speaking friends saying some strange words that you cannot look them up in the dictionary? Well, it is when they are using slang – the real-life everyday language. Check out the list of some English commonly used slang below to understand your friends better.

Hangover: the headache in the morning after a heavy drinking night

I get a terrible hangover due to the reunion party last night.

Busted: get caught doing something bad

He was busted stealing a bike yesterday.

Dump (to dump somebody): to break up with somebody

“Why does she look so upset?”

“Her boyfriend dumped her last night.”

In no time: Very soon.

He’ll arrive at the airport in no time.

Crush (to have a crush on somebody): to be attracted to somebody/ to held a romantic feeling for somebody

She has been having a crush on him for three years.

Hooked (to be hooked on something): addicted to something

I’m totally hooked on that new TV show.

Screw up: do something badly/ make a mistake

He screwed up all the group project this time.

Weirdo: an eccentric person

The new student transferred to our class is really a weirdo.

Chicken: coward

“He didn’t say anything seeing his girlfriend goes out with another guy.”

“Well, he is such a chicken.”

Nuts: crazy

“You are so nuts thinking I will go to the haunted house with you.”

Is this list helpful for you? More lists of English commonly used slang will come out in no time.

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