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Balanced Ph Healthy Lives
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Balanced Ph Healthy Lives

What is your ph. level? Ever wonder how important this is to our overall health? In this article I am going to talk about the importance of keeping a healthy ph. balance within our body. All the benefits that we get by doing this and the vitality that our body gains.

Acid in our body is the cause of many health problems. It affects our internal system and at the same time the quality of life we have. Below I am going to highlight some key points of what an imbalance Ph. does to our body.

• Have you ever suffered from indigestion, nausea or gastric reflux? High levels of acid in our digestive system will cause this problem.

• Acidity could also be the cause many infections within our respiratory system, this leads to colds, bronchitis, etc.

• When acid deposits accumulate to our joints and writs, it damages cartilage, and this leads to inflammation of the joint or as many would call this, Arthritis.

• Our skin is another organ that gets affected by excess acid; it causes it to develop lesions and sores to the surface.

• If you ever feel physical, mentally and emotional low, in other words, do you feel tired? Guess what, acid levels are affecting your Nervous system.

• Painful kidney stones are another problem cause by imbalanced Ph.

• Have you ever taken a brief walk and moved faster than normal, and the results of this left you gasping for air? This means that your muscular system is performing poorly due to high levels of acid. It is slowing your body’s recovery from any exercise.

What are we to do?

Our body needs to detoxify, energize, alkalize and find a healthy balance of ph. level. This level should be between 7.30-7.45, a well-balanced ph. allows our body to experience improved immune system health and increased energy. In order to achieve this we need to alkalize our body, eating raw fruits and vegetables are best for fighting acidity and restoring our alkalinity.

Sometimes in our busy lives I understand it is hard to consume what our body needs. An acidic body is not only low in potassium but more than likely in magnesium as well. How can one find the correct balance of what our body needs to get it back in good health? Luckily there are products out there that help us get the nutrition we need. There are a vast variety of green products that can give our body what it needs in well-balanced servings. Not only that, but also most of this products are all natural so it allows our bodies to stay clear of things not needed.

Alicia Storr

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