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Organic Food And Farming
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Organic Food And Farming

The questions surrounding organic food and farming have increased due to the popularity of organic foods these days. There are a lot of myths I've noticed circling the internet regarding the argument of 'organic versus commercial' and most of them are incorrect. Personally, I like organic food but the problem for me is the price. In the current economic climate I find some organic products are nearly twice the price of their commercial counterparts - this can be a step too far on one's grocery list.

Organic food and farming commonly has this question tagged to it: 'Organic foods are no healthier than non-organic foods'. I don't know who started this argument but they must have rocks in their head. Of course organic food is healthier for you - that is the whole point of the process. You have much less toxins in the food and there are much more nutrients in organic food ( compared to commercial supermarket versions ).

So why is organic food and farming so popular at the moment? This can be put down to a number of factors which we shall cover here. There have been a lot of food related scares on the news since the 1990's and this has resulted in a lot of people sitting up and taking notice of the problems related to processed foods. People have become very 'clued up' with the word 'pesticides' and are aware of the farming process that uses them.

You may have heard of GMO. So what exactly does this stand for and why is it a turning factor when it comes to organic food and farming. GMO stands for 'Genetically Modified Organisms'. Again this term has become very popular and well known in the last two decades. Those of us that reside in the UK will probably remember Prince Charles coming out with a statement warning of the dangers and his dislike of Genetically Modified Organisms.

I'm a big supporter of animal welfare and I have been supporting the cause for most of my adult life. Organic food and farming supports this ideal. What do I mean by that? Well, a lot of diary and farmyard products which are standard supermarket products come from animals which are kept in quite terrible 'boxed-in' conditions. Organic food and farming is based around a more 'free range' animal environment which is much more considerate to the animals quality of lives and their welfare.

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