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Academic Issues - Developing Social Skills In A Child With Learning Disability
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Academic Issues  -  Developing Social Skills In A Child With Learning Disability

Sadly, children with learning disabilities often become targets for bullies in school and this can have adverse effects on their social development, in some cases, so severe, that the damage persists long into their adulthood.

Often targeted in school because of their learning disabilities, such children very often find the home to be the only place they can call theirs and a safe haven from bullies. However, even in the home, these children are often deprived social interaction due to competing friends and siblings.

This was the case in my own childhood. It is something I can relate well with. I am an adult still struggling with social deprivation that I was never given treatment for. Very fortunate for me, my outlet has always been writing and in spite of what occurred throughout my life, I’ve managed to survive it and have met up with individuals that have made great differences in my life on this regard.

Structuring “Playdates” to Promote Your Child’s Social Skills

What are playdates and how can they improve your child’s social skills? You can turn some of your child’s playtime into a structured, pre-determined program aimed towards introducing social convention, etiquette and interaction with guests.

Their home is their refuge and they are most socially active there. However, there are things you must safeguard in order to have positive results.

Allow one guest and no more. If you include more than one guest, it’s going to be odd-man-out - the one with the social issues.

Establish the rules. Have a good time but do not go into the garage or the shed. Sibling must not be present, becoming attractive to the guest and leaving out, once again, the social needs child.

Preparation for the Playdate and Teaching the Child to Host the Guest

Here are some further tips on setting up the play date and teaching the child how to host the guest. The child will learn social values many do not.

  • Have the child prepare for the guest. Both you and him will get ready to be the host for the guest.
  • One of the things that will be of great help is to have two of each toys your child and the guest will be playing with. Any toys your child wishes not to be played with by the guest should be put up.
  • When the guest arrives, the child is the host and he should be the one to answer the door, greet the guest and then show him around.
  • Begin with a structured activity. This is a formal beginning to the play date should be something preplanned, a structured activity. During the visit, snacks are always welcome and is as American as apple pie.
  • Make the last several minutes, about fifteen minutes as memorable as possible. This is what the guest and your child will remember the most in the whole experience. When the time comes for the guest to leave, the child will see him to the door and bid farewell..
  • When completed, do a review on it. What went right, what went wrong, what could you have done?

Your child should have several play dates at home first before going to others' homes.

A Few More Things You Can Do

Setting up the play dates at home with the socially challenged child will ease the child into social situations and over time, this will become second nature.

In my own life, a private school was offered to me. In my own experience, the change in environment made me realize that I had a new lease on life. I realized that none of these “new” kids knew me and had no connection with the bullies of my old school. I had that to my advantage but when I returned to the old environment, even though I relapsed, some things associated with the private school stuck.

Albeit, in the right conditions, a private school, or a different school may help break the ice in your child’s development simply because of the change of environment.

As an adult, I’ve been under hypnotherapy and EFT for my own social issues. I have definitely seen improvement. Hypnotherapy and certain other alternative health modalities work very well on children. In hypnosis, the therapist will induce positive suggestions to your child, helping him learn new skills through his subconscious mind. This is another route you can go that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The environment in most practitioner’s offices are pleasant, safe and very stimulating for young children.

Street Talk

Great info Daniel. If more people paid attention to this the world would be a better place for sure!

  about 7 years ago

I am a victim of child neglect. It is through these articles I actually learn more about myself and the issues involved here. I regret seeing so many lives damaged due to bullying and being unprotected from it. Even to this day, I fall victim to bullying because my personality has been so messed up by it. I flourish at places like WA and SA because of the high quality of personalities they draw in.

  about 7 years ago
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