Basic Knowledge Of Healthy Diets And For Diabetics
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Basic Knowledge Of Healthy Diets And For Diabetics

A well balanced diet is important to provide a different combination of energy and nutrients to support body function and to maintain health. That why its is important to have basic knowledge of healthy diets and for diabetics so people with diabetes know how to plan their diet.

Well Balanced Diet For Diabetes

Each Individual has different nutritional need depending on gender, age, physical activity level, body composition, body height, weight and other health related condition.Healthy diabetes diet should aim for lower total carbohydrate intake. Different foods have different nutrients content and the body needs variety essential nutrients, fiber and phytochemicals substances to function normally and effectively. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, meat and cereal in an appropriate amount is crucial to meat daily nutritional requirement for healthy diabetes diet.

Level I: Rice, Noodles, Bread, Cereal and Cereal Products

Food placed at the base of the food pyramid are rich in carbohydrate. They Provide the main source of energy to body.

  • Food Sources: Cereals and cereal based products which include rice, noodles and pasta, breakfast cereals, breads, biscuit, oat, corn, tubers, pumpkin and barley.
  • Benefits: Eating adequate servings help to prevent energy and nutrients deficiency.
  • Recommendation: 4-8 serving ( 1 serving equivalent to 30g of carbohydrate) of cereal or cereal based products daily depending on individual energy needs.

Excessive carbohydrate intake may cause uncontrolled blood sugar level in people with diabetes. Identify your energy requirement and carbohydrate allowance;choose wholegrain or high fiber products preferably for better glycemic control in people with diabetes.

Level II: Fruits and Vegetables

  • Food Sources: Fruits and vegetables
  • Benefits: Provide essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber for health promotion and disease prevention
  • Recommendation: 2 serving of fruits and at least 3 servings of vegetables daily.

Level III: Fish, Poultry, Meat and Legumes

  • Food sources: fish,meat,poultry,egg, legumes and nuts
  • Benefits: to provide sufficient amount of proteins for building muscle,bone,cartilage,skin,blood,hair and nails,enzyme,hormones, and other body chemicals.
  • Recommendation: 2-3 servings of protein rich food daily

Fish has lower content of cholesterol and rich in omega-3 fatty acids than meat poultry.For healthy diabetes diets, it suggested to eating fish more frequently, probably a serving of fish daily.Healthy cooking style with less oil & lean cut with no skin or extra fats are recommended.

Milk and Milk Products

  • Food sources: Milk, yoghurt and cheese
  • Benefits: Rich in essential nutrients e.g. calcium for healthy bones & teeth
  • Recommendation: 1-3 servings per day should be taken based on individual’s energy requirement.

These should not include sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk because of their low nutritional value & it could raise your blood sugar levels.

Level IV: Fats, Oil, Sugar and Salt

  • Fat and oil should be part of well balanced diet and healthy diabetes diet as it provide essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) which the human body is unable to synthesize on its own. Approximately 20-30% from total energy intake should be contribute by fat daily.
  • Fats help in absorption of vitamin A, D. E and K. Excessive fat intake increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases and causes overweight or obesity
  • Minimize saturated fatty acid intake

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