Best Fruit For Diabetics
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Best Fruit for Diabetics

As a Diabetic you are probably asking the question - What is the best fruit for Diabetics?

Well I've come across an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola, New York Times Best Selling Author, that certainly lends some information to this question. In fact his article is entitled "Certain Fruits May Be Linked to a Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes"

And he says that you are probably familiar with the controversial stance on fructose and indicated that in his article he would seek to clarify some of the issues that surrounds the concerns about fructose.

Dr. Mercola reiterated has belief which he said is supported by compelling evidence that high fructose does play a role in diseases like Diabetes.

Dr. Mercola also urge that persons with diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer and heart disease should monitor the amount high fructose in their diet to ensure that they are not exceeding certain limits.

The article goes on to talk about the fact that you maybe able to reduce you risk of type 2 diabetes with your fruit choice and ask and answers the question - "Can You Reduce Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes with Your Fruit Choices?"

The article's conclusion is that fruits does play a role in diabetes prevention and that paying attention to the fruits that you eat may in fact help you to lower your risk of getting diabetes. And why you should be eager to learn which fruits are best for diabetics.

I think the article is certainly worth the read. I was also happy to see him talking about all of the other artificial fruit items that have been created and how they can impact on your diabetes. Give it a read and certainly see what he has to say because he is certainly very informative and I always what Dr. Mercola has to say. the link to the article is at the bottom of this article

So if you are concerned about what is the best fruit for Diabetics then I think this article by Dr. Mercola certainly addresses and look at a number of issues here that you will certainly be mindful to take the time and read and see how that impacts your own experience as a Diabetic.

You will also want to checkout Best Fruit for Diabetics and the Free Video which reveals "How You Can Reverse Arthritis, Diabetes, High Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure In 90 Days Or Less." And see how to a Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

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