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Cure Of Type 2 Diabetes
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Cure Of Type 2 Diabetes

For any cure to be found, the cause of a specific disease must be identified. Type 2 diabetes is not an exception to this rule. It is a rare disease due to the fact that its cause cannot be attributed to microbe or vaccination impurities. It has something and everything to do with our diet. When our bodies are full of “bad fruits”, the implication herein is that there is an absence of “good fats”. The same causes heart diseases.

Medical experts assert that the cure for type II diabetes cannot be achieved unless an individual avoids trans-fatty acids as well as other bad fats. What happens is that an eventual process takes place whereby bad cells consisting of the rigid fats die. They are then replaced by new cells that contain the good fats from the diet of choice. The aforementioned process can take up to several years before all the cells are replaced. The bad fats include the hydrogenated oils, canola oil, margarine, trans-fatty acids and others. The good fats include organic animal and plant fats, lard, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed and other natural oils.

However, there is still hope for a quick cure. There is an alternative through which this process can be speeded up. It involves avoiding the bad fats while an individual’s diet is full of foods with good fats. These fats include omega 3 that is water soluble. It is therefore regarded as the quick cure to Type II diabetes as it takes about 7-12 months. In few instances, it can take lesser time if the disease is diagnosed early.

The process of reversing the impact of type II diabetes must also include moderate exercise in addition to changes in one’s diet. It must be done in moderate ways to avoid further complications associated with being overweight as in many patients with type II diabetes.

Further, there are other medical experts that believe that the cure lies in surgery. This kind of surgery is the bariatric surgery whereby patients who undergo the same present positive results. This is evidenced in improvement in their glycemic control. The surgery is done due to insulin resistance by the body. It has been noted that those who have undergone surgery have reduced medications as well as great weight loss. In other cases, patients discontinued diabetes medication after fifteen days of surgery. After two years, the patients were diabetes free.

There are still other medical experts who believe that a cure for type II diabetes lies in taking a pill. Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine discovered this pill that delves into the human metabolic system. They underscored that a molecule in the metabolic system could actually reverse the diabetes symptoms in their specimen, mice. This can be induced in the human body through drinking water.

A cure for Type II diabetes is evidently existent. It lies in finding mechanisms through which the symptoms of diabetes can be reduced. The cure primarily lies in changing diet lifestyles to accommodate more “good fats” and engaging in moderate exercises.

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