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Diabetes And Amla
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Diabetes And Amla

Emblica officinalis and phyllanthus emblica are the botanical names for the Indian gooseberry, amla. Indians have used it for centuries to treat varied chronic conditions. The berry is sometimes called Amalaki. For anyone who is diabetic, there is hope in this edible herbal fruit.

What are its benefits?

The edible fruit has very high vitamin c content and is an antioxidant. These two make it very beneficial in blood sugar control. In fact, the content is highest in amla compared to many other herbs!

The fruit does not only work for people with diabetes, research shows that it

  • It helps Prevents ulcer
  • Helps in mental and memory effects
  • It has an anti-inflammatory benefits

Research conducted using rodents shows a lot and gives us hope. It shows that this herbal fruit is useful:

  • As an antioxidant
  • For cholesterol control
  • For blood sugar control
  • For memory boosting
  • For delaying diabetes development

Its importance to diabetics

What should I use to control diabetes, amla herb or extract?

Its herbal supplements reduce oxidative damage from high blood sugar in the body, as rodent studies have shown. Its extracts reduce oxidative stress to diabetics . Both herb and extract from this edible berry are very helpful to anyone interested in controlling their blood sugar. What’s more, this gooseberry improves body weight gain in diabetics.

What does this herb contain?

Substances in this herb include apigenin and tannins.

You can take it either as an extract, a fruit or in its paste or powder form. The powder is light brown in color with an astringent smell. You can take one teaspoon per day or as needed. Did you know that when it is in paste form, it is a hair conditioner? It makes hair look glossy and silky. As you take control of your blood sugar levels with diabetes, you are also keeping in touch with beauty.

There are other benefits for diabetics who choose to take this Indian herb:

  • Reduces oxidant activity due to high vitamin C content
  • High cholesterol which causes atherosclerosis is kept in check
  • For those undergoing radiation, it protects against radiation-induced damage
  • It is a natural anti-aging ingredient that protects against skin degradation and helps in collagen synthesis
  • It protects sperms from any toxins or drugs

As a diabetic, there is a lot you can gain by incorporating the Indian gooseberry to your diet. Make it a lifestyle and get all the benefits that come with this herb. It is easily available so you have no excuse if you care for your health.

Note that whenever you prefer a certain herbal remedy, you consult a nutritionist or a doctor.

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