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Diabetes - One Of The Most Common Health Problem
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Diabetes is nothing but increase in blood glucose level of the body. This may be due to insulin deficiency or insulin resistance by the body. Normally our body preserves the balance between level of glucose in the circulation and amount of glucose uptake by the peripheral tissues or muscles. This is maintained by insulin which is secreted by pancreas

Insulin helps the muscles in uptake of glucose from circulation, it helps the liver to store intestinal glucose in the form of glycogen which is latter released into circulation in the form of glucose when it is necessary. In absence of insulin muscles cannot utilize the glucose from circulation that leads to increase in the level of glucose in the blood. and the balance of glucose is distrubed

Diabetes is of three types : 1. INSULIN DEPENDENT TYPE



Type I diabetes is also called as juvenile diabetes which occur in children. In this type there is lack of insulin. This may be due to damage of "beta cells of islets of langerhance" of pancreas that secret insulin. This of heridetary.

Type II diabetes is usually seen in obese and old age people. Here our body develops resistance to insulin.

Gestational diabetes is the one which occurs in pregnant women.

Normal signs and symptoms of diabetes is : increase thirst, increase urination, decrease in weight.

Diet that helps us to control diabetes is :

- Having food that is rich in fiber content

- Avoiding junk and high calorie diet.

- Using sugar supplements instead of sugar in our daily diet

- Having health drinks which are devoid of sugar in between meals

- avoiding fruits like mangoes,bananas, gova that are rich in sugar content

- Regular exercises preferably brisk walking

Frequent check up of blood glucose level is very important, as uncontrolled diabetes may lead the patient to coma. Diabetic people are more prone to infections as their immunity decreases, and even wound healing is delayed for those people. These people may even develop some oral problems such as bleeding gums, periodontal abscess. so having a regular dental check up is also important.

Taking care and following some simple steps diabetes can be controlled .only thing that is needed is positive attitude and self confidence. Last thing to say is getting regular check ups, exercises, controlling diet, having diet that is rich in fiber content,avoiding food that has high sugar content helps us to maintain blood glucose level in the body.

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