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Diabetic Medical Identification Bracelet
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Diabetic Medical Identification Bracelet

The number of people suffering from diabetes makes up a large part of the population.When insulin is not reacted to properly that is when diabetes comes in. The hormone insulin is responsible for the metabolism of starch and conversion of sugar into energy.

Of all diabetes types, about 90 percent of people suffer from type 2 diabetes signifying that their body systems are resistant to insulin. The other percentage often suffers from type 1 diabetes which occurs when the body system does not produce insulin. Each year over ten thousand new diagnosis of the diabetes condition is rising at a very alarming rate among the population.

Those suffering from this disease are cautious of their diet as well as blood glucose levels to control chances of high blood pressure and heart attack.This is where the identification bracelet become important when a diabetic person is in a situation that he/ she cannot be able to communicate. For instance, in instances of insulin shock or specific emergency, this bracelet becomes a life saver.

The bracelet is a tag that has engravings of vital information on the diabetics condition. It includes information such as whether one is either type 1 or 2 diabetic or, whether they are insulin-dependent. Other medical information that is vital before the person access treatment is also engraved in the tag.

Bracelets are usually in different fashionable styles. They are specifically made for men, women and children. It is of paramount importance that a child with diabetes wears an identification bracelet. This is for their safety even when they are not in the home environment.

This safety is in the sense that when away, what they eat is right – free of sugar while their blood sugar levels are routinely checked. This diabetic medical identification bracelets come in different colors to make them appealing to the wearer by selecting their favorite color. The children’s bracelets also include information on the parent or guardian’s contact.

Bracelets for diabetic men come in masculine designs in varied materials. Their categories are either in chain, titanium or even nylon sports bands to fit one’s lifestyle and purposed for their safety in case of an emergency.

Research shows that medical alert jewelry is a challenge to most people. They think that it is ugly and at times does not match their clothes. However, these diabetic patients forget that the moment they neglect an identification bracelet, they are risking their own lives. This is the more reason that medical alert jewelry designers should come up with better fashionable designs to suit each age group. They should in fact make wearing the diabetic medical identification bracelet trendy.

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