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Diet For Diabetes 2
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Diet for Diabetes 2

For any person with diabetes, doctors usually recommend that they visit a dietitian to professionally guide them on the necessary dietary changes needed for one to effectively control their blood sugar levels as well as manage their weight.

The diabetes diet is not a strange phenomenon; rather, it guides one on the use of variety, regularity and moderation in their meals. It is not a restrictive diet in any way as it guides one on eating foods that are naturally rich in nutrients and low in fats and calories. Emphasis is also placed on fruits, whole grains as well as vegetables.

So, what is the relationship between diabetes and diet? When one consumes fat and calories in excessive amounts, the body reaction is a rise in blood glucose. This is quite dangerous as when it is not in check (the blood glucose), it leads to serious complications. They include chronic ailments, damage to the nerves, heart and kidney. When one makes informed food choices, they are able to manage their blood sugar and therefore evade body complications. Informed food choices can only be achieved when one keeps a track of their eating habits.

People with diabetes type II are most often overweight, although there is no known direct relationship between diabetes and obesity. Losing weight helps these diabetic individuals better control their blood glucose. In fact, even non-diabetic people can follow a diet for diabetes if they need to lose weight.

It is only a registered dietitian who should help any diabetic with their diet issues. This is because they have the right information that could help have a diet that is in line with the patient’s tastes, lifestyles and goals. It is important to point out at this point that because of this, diet for diabetes varies from one person to the other.

The types of food recommended for this diabetes diet plan are carbohydrates, fish, fiber rich foods and good fats. Healthy carbohydrates include fruits, whole grains, legumes, dairy products (low-fat) and vegetables. Carbohydrates (sugars and starches) break down into blood glucose.

We should eat fish at least twice a week. This is the best alternative for high-fat meals while others contain omega-3 fatty acids. The nutrient components in fish help lower blood fats. However, not all fish is healthy; some contain very high levels of mercury.

Good fats contain both the mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are vital in lowering cholesterol levels. However, we should not take them in large amounts. Dietary fiber rich foods include legumes, nuts, whole-wheat flour, fruits and vegetables.

For this dietary plan to work, one should highly avoid saturated fats including bacon and beef. “Trans” fats are also not healthy for diabetics. They are found in processed snacks, margarines and baked products. Cholesterol is another no-no. Its sources include liver, animal protein, egg yolks and shellfish. Sodium in the body consumed daily should go lower than 2000 mg . A diet for diabetes 2 is basically a guideline of what foods contain and what amount to consume.

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