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Low Carb Mediterranean Diet
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Low Carb Mediterranean Diet

You are diabetic and your blood sugar numbers are higher than the Empire State Building. The low carb Mediterranean diet will help you lower your blood sugar. We all want to follow diets that are good for us, cause us to feel good – comfort foods and taste good. Most diet programs don’t always provide those three key ingredients. We do have to make some changes in our life assuming we want to remain healthy.

Most diabetics are excessively over weight. Following a low carb diet will help you to lose weight. Mediterranean diets are known to lower elevated blood sugar. So how can we combine these two diets and achieve the best of both worlds? There are many schools of thoughts on achieving this goal. Of course I’m not a doctor and you MUST consult your doctor and monitor your numbers while on any type of diet.

The goal, besides losing weight, is to prevent the large swings in mood and energy that is found in most diets. Eating often, usually every two to three hours, can help relieve the stress on your body of maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Don’t eat carbs alone; always add protein to your meals. Minimize fruits and fruit juices and eat whole fresh food. Use Mediterranean Sea salt. Unless you have organ damage such as kidney disease, studies have shown sea salt does not raise your blood pressure or lead to heart disease. Sea salt contains trace minerals that common table salt does not have. Drink plenty of filtered or spring water.

You want to eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. A common source is cold water fish such as trout and salmon. Use olive oil, especially virgin or extra virgin olive oil, as your primary source for fat intake. I have found extra light tasting olive oil is great for cooking and virgin or extra virgin tastes great on salads and vegetables.

When starting a low carb Mediterranean diet you will need to limit the amount of fruits you consume for the first few months. Vegetables should be fresh or frozen, not canned. You can slightly cook your vegetables or eat raw.

Your main protein sources will come from fish and vegetable protein that includes beans, lentils and raw nuts. Nuts are high in fat so you should minimize the amount of nuts you eat each day. Tofu is a great source of protein and is especially popular with vegetarians and vegans

Organic whole grains such as brown rice and organic sprouted grain breads are also acceptable. Look for breads in the frozen section of health food stores. The breads will need to be refrigerated.

Following a low carb Mediterranean diet, with the help of your doctor should cause you to lose weight and live healthier.

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