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Natural Cure For Diabetes
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Natural Cure for Diabetes

Folks are always looking for a natural cure for diabetes.

We are told to stay away from white carbohydrates like potatoes and rice and to switch to the brown varieties.

We are told to stay away from foods with a high glycemic index such as marshmallows and ice cream cones.

So we switch foods, avoid foods, and we try to lose some weight.

We can also try the magical herbs that help diabetes. We do all these things and nothing much happens so we stick to prescription drugs to support the destitute drug industry.

We jab ourselves with needles and measure are blood sugar day and night. We often see the morning burst of sugar that is supposed to get us up and going but we don't like these higher numbers.

Every once in a while we take the A1C test which gives us a glance at what our average blood levels have been during the last three months. Some times we are frightened by such numbers.

And some of us are allergic to prescription drugs. They may cause vomiting, an unwelcome morning occurrence. So we eat before we take the drugs to prevent this which works for some of us but not others including my family doctor.

Now weight loss helps in most cases to reduce blood sugar levels. With some folks, that is all it takes. My heart doctor told me if I could lose enough weight, I would probably lick my Type II Diabetes. But I never lost that much weight.

Also, exercise is good and helps the body to get along with carbohydrates by better use of insulin. So diet and exercise may be a natural cure for diabetes for you. Diet and exercise are a great solution. But for me, age 80, one who likes to eat and stay indoors during Idaho winters, exercise is too little.

In November of 2011, I came upon the New Castle University study on Type II Diabetes. A group was put on a "starvation" diet of 600 calories for eight weeks. A daily supplement of vitamins and minerals was given to keep them from starving to death. Vegetables were the menu.

The fasting blood sugars, the blood sugar reading you have when you get up in the morning, dropped to normal after one week on the diet. After eight weeks the blood sugar problem was resolved and going back to a normal diet, or perhaps one that remembered the study, resulted in a permanent cure for most.

During the test, care analytical studies revealed what was going on in vital organs. The main cause of diabetes was verified as blockage of cells (C-cells?) in the pancreas by fat cells. Cells thought to be dead by experts in the pancreas immediately recovered (resurrected?) when the fat cells were removed by diet. That would explain why sometimes low-fat dieting resulting in weight loss works and is a natural cure for diabetes.

I contacted New Castle University and Professor Taylor who made the study, responded. I have remained in contact with him and his staff since November.

Knowing that I could not survive one day on the test diet and that there would be no supervision from my doctor who is ill, I decided to create a diet that would be good for my heart and lower my risk of diabetes. The diet was simple: I decided that fat would be shunned. I eliminated dairy, milk and cheese and such, but allowed no-fat varieties in moderation. I switched to almond milk, the variety that is unsweetened. I moved to whole grains and legumes, buying them in bulk at my local supermarket. I eliminated red meat except as a garnish. I moved to chicken and the dreaded fish (which I now like). This means that I eliminated most all processed foods. I started this diet on the 23rd of November of 2011.

I monitored my blood sugars twice a day. Nothing happened for five weeks. I lost no weight and the fasting (morning) blood sugars stayed between 130-140. Desired is a fasting blood sugar under 110. Then on January 2, 2012, my blood sugars dropped to the normal range. They have stayed there. During the first two weeks of 2012, my blood sugar fasting never were over 108, averaging about 100 with a range from 97 to 106. Now that was the natural cure for diabetes for me.

When I look at the amount of money generated by catering to Diabetes by drug and diabetic supply companies, I'm sure that a cure is not in their best interest. TV ads blast all day to join one service or other to obtain daily supplies. I am sure that those who dump diabetes will still be monitoring and such but the cost of diabetes will be much lower.

I have some of the remnants of diabetes still lingering but they are diminishing. Those sharp nerve pains in the feet are gone. I'm working with a podiatrist to eliminate what numbness is left in my feet but it seems to be diminishing somewhat on its on. I occasionally still take Michigan dried cherries (good for gout so I tried them for diabetes), half a handful, to eliminate any food discomfort. I hardly ever use my foot vibrator now.

During this period, I have tried to keep the public aware of my progress. However, hardly anyone visits my lens so I decided to write this article. I'm in the process setting up a method with New Castle University so that donations can be made directly to Professor Taylor's work. When I worked for a living, I visited England every three months, so now it is more difficult to get things done across the sea.

I do hope this result in a natural cure for diabetes of the Type II variety for you. I'm not sure what the effect would be for Type I Diabetes but it surely would be beneficial. Just make sure you are in contact with your doctor as you make these changes and you will want to keep tabs on your blood sugar.

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