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Natural Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes
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Natural Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Treatment for type 2 diabetes requires improvement of the health of the pancreas.The pancreas is the main organ that when defective causes diabetes. With this in mind, concentration should be focused on the treatment of the pancreas in order to function to its natural capacity.

The pancreas is supposed to produce its own insulin and when it does not produce and regulate its own insulin, then it is defective ,sick or not normal. Continous supply of insulin from external sources other than the pancreas itself make the pancreas lazy because it expects the external supply will be for ever.

Heavy reliance of insulin and other medicines may have their own side effects. Mounty organ failure is a term I hear often of people with type 2 diabetes. These organs include the pancreas itself, the kidney, the heart ,brain, sexual organs, nervous system and others.

Most of those organs are within the endocrine system. The endocrine system consists of the following glands

  • The pancreas gland
  • The reproductive glands
  • The thyroid gland
  • The parathyroid gland
  • The pituitary gland
  • The hypothalamus gland
  • The adrenal gland
  • The peneal glands

These glands seem to work together in harmony and that is why when one is affected, nearly all of them are affected. A different form of treatment for type 2 diabetes is required that will cover the orgarns of the endocline system where pancreas is a member.

When treating pancreas as one member, one would be denying treated of the other members whose infection will come back to the pancreas. Treatment of the endocline system organs is necessary to see positive results in treating type 2 diabetes.

I have had type 2 diabetes for more than ten years. I was injecting myself with 46 units of insulin per day. Today I do not take insulin at all. This is a story that can be proved right or wrong because the doctor who was treating me has the records. The pharmacist who was selling me the insulin can give computer print outs of the insulin buying history.

It took me thirty days of alternative treatment to come out of insulin.This treatment surprised me, the doctor and many others that heard this alternative natural treatment for type 2 diabetes. Here is the natural alternative treatments i undergone .

  • Foot reflexology is the first line of treat
  • Taking 8 glasses of water daily
  • Eating plenty of dark green vegetables
  • Doing excercises particularly walking one hour twice a day
  • Testing the blood sugar levels twice daily
  • Psychological counselling
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Trusting in yourself and your maker
  • consulting your doctor on regular basis

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Great article, I found it interesting and informative, and shall pass these tips along to my mother and sister who have diabetes Thanks for the article again!!

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Thanks for the advice, very helpful

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