Pre - Diabetes - Better Defense
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Pre  -  diabetes  -  Better Defense

Diabetes ( diabetes ), the most progressive people has become a lifestyle -related disease. In this condition, blood glucose ( blood sugar ) levels increases . Often not aware of the symptoms of the disease . So from time to time , go check blood sugar . In the present article we pre- diabetes stage ' pre- diabetes ', giving information about .

The pattern of disease

Pre- diabetes is often between normal blood sugar levels and diabetes status are considered . Higher than normal blood glucose levels in the body , but are not large enough to be called diabetes it . If the person does not have diabetes, but is likely to remain . Pre- diabetes in a person's body does not use insulin properly . This is because blood sugar into body cells or cells in the blood instead of being used as energy leaves . This condition is called Insulin Resistance.

Pre- diabetes is blood sugar happens ..

Impeerd of fasting glucose or fasting glucose ( 100-125 MG DL ) should be . Similarly, Impeerd glucose tolerance ( 140-200 Mljildi.all ) should be .


Being overweight : overweight, pre- diabetes is a warning bell for . Especially carrying around from being overweight increases the risk of pre- diabetes .

Lack of exercise : Physical exercise is weight control and also uses glucose as energy . Also some other details are as follows ..

" People age 45 or older are at increased risk of pre- diabetes .

" In the family, parents with pre- diabetes increases the risk of diabetes is so .

" Polycystic ovary syndrome in women ( Pisiodi ) to be called disease , irregular menstrual periods , excess unwanted hair and obesity - increase the risk of pre- diabetes .


Pre- diabetes or not, these checks should be about ..

Fasting plasma glucose

It is investigating the morning on an empty stomach . If blood sugar after scrutiny

At -100 , the - sugar is normal .

If pre- diabetes from -100 to 125 .

-126 Or more if you have diabetes .

Oral glucose tolerance test : This test checks after fasting sugar 75 g glucose dissolved in water is fed . Two hours later another blood sugar test is done .

After the two -hour blood glucose ( blood sugar ) if ..

At -140 , the blood sugar is normal .

-140-199 , Then the pre- diabetes .

-200 Or more if you have diabetes .

Any of these tests to be a more general situation reflects pre- diabetes . Many people believe that these are border line diabetic or very mild diabetes, but in fact people who have pre diabetic. Borderline diabetic sense or not you have diabetes or not . If you have pre- diabetes , as it offers an opportunity to bring positive improvements in your lifestyle . Life - Pre- diabetes and type 2 diabetes by lifestyle changes can prevent.

Physical Exercise : Physical Exercise Healthy - positive lifestyle is the most important part , which reduces insulin resistance . Thus increasing the functionality of insulin . Insulin is a necessary hormone , allowing blood sugar cells ( sales) reaches in and this gives us energy . People with pre- diabetes should be aerobic exercise .

Low calorie and low fat : fat in your diet ( fat) foods high in saturated fat , so pre- diabetes are at increased risk of contracting . 30 percent calories from fat in the diet should be low in saturated fat and less than 10 percent . High -fat foods - such as fast foods - burgers , pizza, samosas , pakoras and snacks etc. . Foods with saturated fat - butter , meat , ice cream and ghee.

Omega- 3 fatty acid intake : This nut fatty acids , Flex ( linseed ) seeds , and almonds is found in sufficient quantities .

The right type of carbohydrates : 2000 calories, 250 grams of carbohydrates in the diet should be about . Eat carbohydrates Anprosesd as possible . Such as vegetables , fruits , whole grains and beans etc. .

20 to 35 grams Fiber : Khan - draft pick in fiber-rich foods also helps in lowering blood sugar levels . Fibres are the best sources - vegetables , fruits , bran cereals and pulses etc. scales .

Medicine doctor consultation

Take a pharmaceutical chemist or on demand .

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