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Turmeric And Diabetes
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Turmeric And Diabetes

The super spice turmeric is a natural remedy for many disorders including inflammation and slow healing wounds. Traditional societies used it not only as a spice, but also for medication as well. But can it prevent or control diabetes? You can only understand the relationship between turmeric and diabetes when you know what the herb does in diabetic conditions.

The health-boosting properties in turmeric according to research can help prevent risks of diabetes. This is especially the role of the cur cumin compound. Cur cumin found in turmeric helps prevent diabetes. It is a fact that a great connection exists between the spice and diabetes as we continue to find how.

Research has shown that turmeric in particular the cur cumin compound fights both inflammation and oxidative damage. This is important because the two processes act as predisposing factors in various diseases, type 2 diabetes included. Cur cumin when taken by a diabetic normalizes insulin levels. Even better, it boosts your antioxidant defenses. When insulin and blood sugar levels are kept in check, then this reduces the risk of various health conditions including diabetes.

This is one dietary change that could help improve your health positively. Even more amazing is that the Asian spice turmeric has very many health benefits apart from preventing and controlling diabetes.

  1. It is among the cancer-fighting foods
  2. It promotes fat loss in a healthy way
  3. It helps to detoxify the liver and improves the general liver health
  4. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease
  5. It helps in maintaining healthy skin and prevents acne

With so many positive benefits of turmeric, you may now be asking what the side effects are. Even if there are side effects with the use of turmeric, they are not harsh to the body. In fact, most natural remedies are mild to the body. They contain no chemical additives and so work very well and naturally in preventing harsh health conditions.

Whether you are diabetic or not, turmeric improves your health in a natural way. It does not hurt to try some today. It comes in different delicious forms including powder and capsules and so gives you variety. I use it fresh myself by putting them in the juice making machine and then drink it after warming it. Needless to say that I am diabetic.This is one dietary change that will improve your health. Add turmeric to your diet and make it part of your daily lifestyle and watch your health rejuvenate.

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thank you very much Susan for. your positive comment about my article . i use raw tumeric juice for my diabetes condition and it works. I would therefore like to salute you for have had time to read my article. pass my best regard to your mother in law

  about 9 years ago

Enjoyed reading your article. My husband's mother, who is from India, has taught me several great recipes where you use turmeric. LIke you said, this spice is very beneficial to your health, but most of all it adds great color and taste to food.

  about 9 years ago
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