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Type II Diabetes Symptoms
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Type II Diabetes Symptoms

Contact your health care provider if you experience any of the following signs:

  • Fatigue - The feeling of tiredness and weak even when you have not done any work or performed heavy tasks.
  • Weight loss - This happens with no particular reason.You realize you are cutting down weight yet you eat well. This happens because the fats stored in our bodies get broken down to supply cells with energy.
  • Increased thirst - Dehydration is what brings about the urge to drink more.
  • Increased appetite - When the cells starve, they compel one to eat more to supply energy needed to carry out body functions.
  • Headaches - They occur frequently and do not improve fully on taking painkillers.
  • Frequented urination - This comes as a result of drinking a lot of fluids which are later expelled from the system as urine.

When these symptoms appear, it means that the type 2 diabetes has developed to an extent that your body can no longer build resistance anymore. Immediate treatment is necessary to decrease the damage on our vital organs and cells. Lack of attendance may cause multiple complications.

There are other rare or minor symptoms which show up apart from the ones above and they are:

  • Loss of consciousness, one blacks outs though not all people experience it.
  • Dry mouth and throat.
  • blurred vision which can eventually lead to blindness.
  • Impotency is common especially in men.

Others have physical injuries such as cuts, blisters or bruises which take a long time to heal. Skin irritability often occur and show no signs of healing even upon application of medicated creams, oils or bathing with anti-bacterial soaps. There are those who gain weight with time, while girls suffer from yeast infections from time to time.

Diabetes is known to have side effects. It is advisable that treatment be made along with the major ones to avoid complications or worsening the condition. These are:

  • Heart diseases
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disorder
  • Circulation problems
  • Cells destruction
  • Blood vessels damage
  • Eye diseases
  • Gum infections

Every disease has a remedy, for a diabetic regular physical exercise, eating a healthy and balanced diet are such suitable remedies. The failure to control your blood sugar levels, eating fatty and sugary foodstuffs increases the potential of getting worse. When you go for the regular check ups, blood tests carried out are the surest way to detect its presence in your body. Scientists are looking for alternative remedies as a result of the side effects of medicines that controls and never cure. Natural medicine is that alternative that makes the body whole and disease resistant.

Street Talk

Thank you very much Sister Kaite, I have been diabetic for a long time. My experience has taught me how to treat myself better. To pass information about it to those who might be interested for the betterment of our lives, is my greatest passion.

  about 1 decade ago

Another great article ...thanks for showing people these things....most people do not even pay attention to their health...sad

  about 1 decade ago
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