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What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes?
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What Are the Symptoms Of Diabetes?

Diabetes has affected a large number our population. However, out of that large number, a few of them know that they have it. Most of these people are unaware of their condition, have diabetes type 2. That is why the disease is commonly known as the silent-killer. The best way to know whether one has diabetes is to take a blood sugar test. However, there are some symptoms that present themselves in people with diabetes but when viewed singly, they are mostly underestimated. They include:

  • Increased urination and thirst

Do you frequent the bathroom more than you used to? Are these visits especially at night? This could be a symptom of diabetes. Because there is extra glucose in the blood, the kidneys enhance their functionality by getting rid of it and hence the urge to urinate. It gets the fluids from the body, this causes the excessive thirst. This is your body’s reaction to an urge to replenish the lost fluids. So if the urge to urinate and excessive thirst becomes concurrent, you need to see the doctor.

  • Weight loss

Rapid weight loss is not healthy. When insulin is ineffective, glucose does not reach the cells. The body assumes it as starvation and therefore breaks down protein from the muscles. On the other hand, the kidneys are working more than they should, which results in rapid loss of calories. The result is calorie deficiency which explains the rapid weight loss.

  • Increased hunger

When insulin is ineffective, blood sugar levels are not controlled. Due to the fluctuations of these blood sugar levels, you may experience excessive urge to eat. The body assumes that it has not be adequately fed and hence the plummeting of blood sugar levels. So if you find yourself eating more than you were before, it could be a symptom.

  • Skin problems

Is your skin itchy or darkened? This could be a warning that one may have diabetes. Itchy skin could be an effect of either dry skin or poor blood circulation. The darkening of the skin in especially the neck and the armpit could be a sign of insulin resistance even when blood sugar level is low. Skin changes are vital in the diagnosis of diabetes at least before a testing the blood sugar.

  • Slow healing of wounds and bruises

Are your infections bruises, wounds and cuts taking long to heal? You might be having diabetes. When insulin is ineffective, glucose in the body is quite excessive. This excessive glucose amount in the blood is damaging to the blood vessels which results in slow healing of wounds. The blood that enables healing to take place does not reach the wounded area easily.

  • Yeast infections

Diabetes suppresses the immune system of the body. This means that the body is more susceptible to infections including yeast and fungal infections. This is because they thrive well in environments rich in sugar. People especially women who have recurring yeast infections should watch out.

When these symptoms are in isolation, they might not really point out to diabetes. It is important that when a symptom presents itself, you take a visit to the doctor.

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