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I'm Too Good For This, Or Am I?
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I\'m Too Good For This, Or Am I?

"You can be a greeter at Wal-Mart" No offense to the Wal-Mart greeters, although I'm considered to be disabled under the law, I'm capable of doing so much more. I have been denied SSDI because they say I should be able to find work because of my age and education. I hope this wasn't the kind of work they had in mind. I'm disabled , but I'm willing to work. I want a challenge, not something tedious like parking lot attendant, telephone operator, etc. I understand I can't be a fireman, laborer, craftsmen, etc., but come on!

Disability Laws. There are laws in place to protect and accommodate the disabled, ADA, EEOC, The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 were all put in place to prohibit discrimination against the disabled. that doesn't mean employers will try to get around these laws.

Laws don't matter. I have heard from many other stroke survivors that their employers have terminated them because they were no longer the same. The laws say the employer has to accommodate so that a person can perform the essential functions of their job as long as it doesn't cause undue hardship to the employer. Many employers choose to ignore this, and because they are afraid of liability, and because not much is known about stroke, unlike broken bones , joint and back problems, even heart attack.

Money Woes. Savings and benefits such as unemployment Insurance, eventually run out. Unfortunately, bills and lifestyle don't. While healthy, I was accustomed to a certain lifestyle like most people , I wasn't prepared to become disabled and lose my ability to generate income and to support my family because of that. At my age and condition, It is very difficult to make a quality career change now. Despite the laws that are supposed to level the playing field, I've found this is not the case. The only jobs available to me are the ones which require no real skills, or experience. Besides, I'm tired of working for the man. The man will tell lies about you and kick you while you're down.

Career change. While scouring the internet, I came upon online marketing affiliation. I looked at several options, and chose one that suited my needs. There was no upfront cost to me and training was provided, as well as two free websites. Having nothing to lose, I leapt right in. Basically, they teach you about being a marketing affiliate for businesses doing business online. You create/ market a website, then you try to get a following by being recognized on the major search engines. Ideally, people visit your site and after seeing what they like, they navigate your site and click on items/ads that are strategically placed on your cite that relate to your web-content, and they make purchases and you get the commission of sale.

Sounds Simple. This is definitely not a get rich scheme or mlm. You have to work on making an attractive website, attract visitors, gain their trust, and get them to stay. This takes a lot of work! I've managed to create 2 websites through their training. Like they say, It's a jungle out there! I just don't want to get lost in there.

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