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Are you handicapped, well I am not but my wife is. Now because she is a recent amputee and still trying to get used to her new leg, our shopping is somewhat limited. Secondly, here natural leg is not in very good shape either with only about 30% usage, thus we need either our wheelchair or scooter. Needless to say, when the both of us go shopping, which is about once a week, we look for the handicapped parking places. Thankfully, many stores have quite a few handicapped spaces.

Now how often do you see a vehicle in a handicapped parking space without a handicap placard? I see it quite often and it really makes me upset. Some people just have no respect for the handicapped. I wish the could push a wheelchair for across the parking lot or try and get a scooter out of the truck of the car in a regular parking spot. Disabled people need a little more space than others. I have had to move my car on more than one occasion because someone parked right next to me and I could NOT even open the passenger side door! Thanks to the ADA making stores have easier access for the disabled with automatic doors and handicapped parking spots.

Now there were times when I wanted to wait for the person parked in a handicapped space, just to ask why! The answer is simple, many people are lazy ands just don’t give a damn! I only hope that these lazy people, who have no respect for the people who NEED these spaces, never become handicapped. Now please keep in mind, we can get around in a store and many disabled people even take "pickers", an item that helps then reach boxes, or cans or anything else that might be out of reach and my wife is one of the people. She doesn't really need the help of others but will gladly accept it if someone would ask, and yes there are still some friendly people out there. Just remember, disabled people are still capable of living life, maybe not quite as well as non handicapped folks, but they can do a lot on their own. So in closing, please respect the folks that have a disability in parking lots or stores, because they are people too trying to do the daily duties that everyone has to do and thank you for reading.

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