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What I Used To Hate About School
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When I was a student, I liked school, for the most part. I liked seeing my friends, going to fun activities, such as football games, attending classes I liked, such as psychology, and going to a job that I held late in my college career. There was one thing that I really hated about school, however: test day.

One reason why I hated taking tests was because there was so much at stake. If I got a good grade on the test, my overall grade in the class would go up. If I got a bad grade, however, my class grade would go down. I would then have to work really hard to get a good grade on the next test. Needing a good grade was not the only reason why I hated test day, however.

Classroom distractions were another reason why I hated test day. Some students would arrive late for the test, for example. Other students who arrived on time would cough or sneeze during the test. All of these noises broke my concentration and made it difficult for me to take my test. Eventually, however, test day became much easier. Since I have a learnng disability, I went to see my advisor, who specialized in disabilities. He then arranged for me to take my tests in another room, where I would not have the distractions. He also arranged for me to get extended time on my tests, which helped.

Later, however, something changed within me. I was closer to graduating, and I was excited to be reaching a major milestone in my academic career. The idea of graduating made me want to do well on my tests. There was also another thing that helped me: "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?".

I was a fan of the show, and for a long time, I wanted to be a contestant. While I was in school, I learned to predict test questions from my professors' lectures, and I made flashcards from my notes. I studied and studied the cards, and I read the assigned chapters in my textbooks.

When I went into the classroom on test day, I had my scantron and #2 pencil with me. I was ready for my test. My professor passed out the exam, and I got started. I carefully answered each question. Because I had studied so much, many of the answers came to me quickly. "A, final answer," I would think to myself, as if the question I was answering was a question on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", I was a contestant, and I was about to win some money. At last I finished my test, checked it carefully to make sure that I had answered each question, did not have any stray marks that might cause the machine to mark the question wrong, handed in my test and scantron, and left the room. I knew that I had done well, and I was happy.

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