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Multiple Sclerosis Diagnoses Are on the Rise: Know the Early Symptoms
The autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, has been in the news more these days for two reasons. First, the number of people who are being diagnosed with the disease has increased in recent years. According to Tanuja Chitnis, the Assistant Professor of Neurology and the Director at Partners Pediatrics MS Center…
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Multiple Sclerosis Causes
Multiple sclerosis has been known as a distinct disease for many years. However, the cause of the disease remains a mystery to the scientists and the medics. A lot of theories about its origin have come up but none has been proven. Multiple research projects about its cause are still…
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Multiple Sclerosis And Your Job
Approximately three-fourths of people with Multiple Sclerosis become unemployed following their diagnosis as reported by the Disability Research Institute. They left the workplace or were let go because of their condition. Why is the unemployment rate so high in people diagnosed with MS? Generally it is not knowing the options…
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3 Tips For Recovering From Orthopedic Surgery
When treating problems with the musculoskeletal system, there may be times when the current treatment is not successful and another method or treatment or option would then be needed or considered to effectively begin to treat the ailment. Sometimes, the only alternative available to treat the current conditions and eliminate…
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How To Remove A 2x Chin Quickly
The muscle between the neck and chin lose their firmness, it will result in double chin, if the platysma muscle. These muscular tissues grew to be atrophy and lowered use if we age group. Next the body that addresses these muscle tissue receives saggy and creates increase chin. Collagen or…
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Norwegian Phenomenon And Multiple Sclerosis
I recently came across an interesting theory concerning Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  The theory was named the Norwegian Phenomenon.  First, the study referenced epidemiology studies that indicate a higher incidence of MS in countries with diets high in saturated fats compared to countries with diets low in saturated fats.  The study…
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