A Story Of A Patient With Hiv / Aids
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" Living with Hope - In Terrible Situation " as PLWHA

Doni , 25 Years ( not his real name , he did not allow his real name is displayed )

Doni know that he was suffering from the disease at the age of 23 years . It is known that , in their teens Doni often use drugs and sharing needles . Regret was coming behind . Now he spends more time for worship and multiply the positive activities in life . Because knowing that her life would not be much longer .

Knowing that his life no longer, used also to provide socialization to family and friends surrounding how unpleasant life in a terrible situation . keep the spirit of work , though not married , according to Doni because the family can hurt and kill other people , especially children growing anti HIV from birth . Doni work at home to help their parents .

Early Stage

Doni was born of a poor family , with the situation he's looking for his own life at the age of adolescence . During the search , he took a wrong direction that eventually led to his HIV infection . From the use of drugs and syringes alternately with his friends ( probably already infected hundreds with HIV ) .

Doni doing it for years , which is the phase where Doni felt a change in him , he did several times a HIV TEST . at the last examination , the doctor mememberitahukan psychological approach that Doni HIV disease . When Doni told , his first reaction is probably a pretty common thing , when we are dealing with something that can not be handled . Doni denied that he was HIV positive and was not believed from the results of the examination .

Accepted or not the results of the examination , Doni fully aware of what he had done in his youth and the beginning of the journey is a terrible life . Doni said " HIV has no outward symptoms , so we can not really aware of it and when it is positive , significant physical changes arise . From the beginning of my check , my doctor just said okay , yeah , maybe it used to make me indirect stress . even now, the doctor told me I was fine and I own be prepared to wait when the time comes to expand deeds " .


Each person would not believe and deny that he was HIV positive , as well as with Doni . Rejection only her mind , do not believe and regret . But , they are not going to change things , because everything is happening . If it continues to perform denial , then there will be no attempt to cure , so to speak just resigned .

Doni said that : " If I continue to deny the fact that I am HIV positive , I probably would not take the decision to attempt to cure and prevention of the right so as not to infect others . Because I can injure and even kill someone with just a drop of my blood . Allow I myself feel terrible and painful situation like this . "

With the ongoing refusal could cause harm to yourself and others. Doni could only do better so as not to hurt others and better understand the meaning of life in a dire situation .

Rejection was just pointless , when Doni denies HIV positive / AIDS , it can not change the dire situation , even be added as well as cruel and painful symptoms of the disease . When circumstances Doni pain , pallor , weight loss , dry cough , fever continuously, skin rashes , swollen glands on certain body parts and no appetite from there Doni will not be able to deny that HIV positive . because it is very real and clear of symptoms shown by body Doni .

Doni " Denial is no longer an option , so I had to accept and try to deal with than what I experienced . Past the first time , I blame the people , blame my friends first , so that they apologize to me . , But that, through me think and realize the only action that is very stupid because I blame others in my problem . past, because of the association of my own fault , not anyone else . I realize it and accept , yes , a result like this . "

Emotional ( Anger )

" I often get angry just because a little upset , maybe this , yes , nothing to do with the disease that I suffered , a little depressed . , but , I still can control your emotions , because if you can not act rationally and could hurt the people I love that guy old . upset To overcome that anger exploded , I could only cry . because I think with my menangsi be more calm and not act emotionally . Yeah , I cried often , to the point that my mother cried too . " Doni said .

Now who is not angry , upset and when situations like Doni added . Upset , Angry jumbled together , , , , , tidakbisa imaginable !

Doni : "Once on a day , When I was in the room , on my condition is getting worse , drastic weight loss , I was screaming cursing my friends first , until God had cursed . While beating the walls of the room . Then my father came in and closed the door , my father calmed me down and said, " You know Don , you can not get help , she can not help , doctors also can not help and the only one who can help you now only God . So , there is no point you angry , cursing , but you must be self mendakatkan same God , ask for healing . " After saying that, my father came out of the room " .

Here Doni quieter than before , because the anger will not produce anything it would be detrimental . Doni aware , that no one except God can heal .

" After hearing my father talk , I immediately knelt down , crying , asking Apun having been scolded and pray together and ask God's healing " said Doni ''

God is the Supreme Helper . Humans are just middlemen to heal . For Doni now Denial , Anger is useless , it is important to pray and ask for healing treatment , therapy routine . Here , parents Doni continues to provide encouragement , as did his friends today. Which formerly seemed to discriminate , now they are the friends and neighbors will understand that more experienced Doni . Even so Doni still remain on precautions to not spread and hurt them .

Doni " I am very grateful , as family , friends and neighbors are still paying attention to me , gives a zest for life . Maybe if I could not be more sick with this disease , had also thought about suicide . , And it awakened my friend . Thank for you all . "

muster up courage

The fear thing is always attached to Doni , Doni sometimes create fear death because it knows the disease can not be cured and will be rapidly fatal . But , it can not be denied example , when we are sick with the flue severe chills , no appetite or contact types lah , sometimes the fear is always there . Is that right ?

Here , Doni take a new perspective , trusting God is always with him .

" When going to bed , I no longer worry about whether I will be alive tomorrow . I understand , Because death inevitable for every human being , the more important of it all is our faith . In my condition like this , to get closer with God " . Doni said .

For Doni , fear can be overcome with a closer relationship with God . pray , beg forgiveness and healing . If the shelter is left fear in mind , it could be worse , whereas now it is a terrible state of Doni . Do not know what would happen if fear keeps minds doni coupled with agonizing disease .

Doni " Every effort I try , start treatment , therapy , and whatever it is that is offers a cure of the disease that I suffered , I tried everything and I'm more confident with God that will heal . God is Love " .


Living in such a situation is difficult in every life and adolescence are exacerbated when already taking medication to use syringes . When the AIDS disease is contagious and can not be cured , there is more to be done which there is only " Regret , Rejection , Anger " . AIDS was quickly claimed the lives of someone who is infected with the disease .

Some very valuable lessons we can take from the story of Doni , Especially for Teens , Remember the HIV / AIDS can not be cured . Do not perform actions that result in transmission of HIV / AIDS .

Doni message " Make today's youth , my message : do not ever use drugs , syringes and whatever it likes. Infected when it's like this I , regret it behind , nothing else could be done , though life expectancy has vanished , is pictured in front of the eyes and the darkness just cry . HIV / AIDS can not be cured . , and those who are already infected , do not despair , try and pray for healing In God " .

Thus the story of people living with HIV / AIDS may be a lesson for all of us , to live life more beautiful future and we give encouragement to people living with HIV / AIDS because they are also human beings who have the same rights .

Life As PLWHA - " Struggle To Keep or Not To Live Forever "


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