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Bacterial Vaginosis Versus Yeast Infection
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Bacterial Vaginosis Versus Yeast Infection

If you are finding it difficult to your friends about this, you are not alone. Most women do not feel comfortable talking about problems down below even with their doctors. This is because they associate what they are experiencing with lack of hygiene and what they do they usually do?

They up their hygiene regime and buy more products thinking the old ones are not working. Then they get even more worried because either the problem is not improving or it is getting worse. So it is down to bacterial vaginosis versus yeast infection and you want to know which it is.

Similarities Between Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infection

  • You can have both with very mild or no symptoms at all which means you can have it and not know you have it.
  • Pain and burning when passing water
  • Experiencing pain during intercourse
  • Itching around the opening of your genitals which can sometimes be quite severe
  • White discharge

General Differences

For a start, yeast infection is an overgrowth a ‘friendly’ bacteria called Candida Albicans which part of the ecology of the genital area. The overgrowth is usually brought by something disturbing the balance of the genital’s ecology. This include such as an increase in estrogen brought on by pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, diabetes or an HIV infection.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) on the other hand is as a result of bad bacterial such as haemophilus vaginitis growing at rate that the body’s immune system can’t keep in check. BV can also be as a result of being infected by Herpes Simplex Virus and having an inter-cellular parasite called Chlamydia Trichomonas.

The Main Differences are:

The yeast infection discharge is usually lumpy but has NO SMELL. If you have a yeast infection you are more likely to experience the symptoms listed under the similarities heading.

Bacteria Vaginosis discharge is usually greyish in colour and thinner in texture than the yeast infection one. But the most telling difference is that the discharge has a FISHY, FOUL or METALLIC SMELL, you can’t miss it. It is possible not to experience any of the symptoms listed under the similarities heading – no irritation of any kind.

Effects On The Body

Depending on the severity, you can get over-the-counter products to treat a yeast infection. Even if it was left untreated, the consequences are nowhere near those of leaving BV untreated. Bacterial Vaginosis affect the body in ways that can limit your reproductive choices in the future..

Leaving BV untreated would lead to long-lasting complications such as chronic pelvic inflammation, tubal scarring which can make having children difficult. If contracted during pregnancy, it may lead to the baby being born prematurely. Even when born healthy, the baby has an increased chance of developing Chlamydial Conjunctivitis and pneumonia.

Effective treatment of BV requires antibiotics which can only be prescribed by a doctor. So short, if your discharge has a smell to it, go and see a health worker. There are natural herbal remedies which can help keep the balance of the environment in the genitals.

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