High Risk Behaviors Infected HIV
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High Risk Behaviors Infected HIV

AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency called Syndrome is a collection of symptoms or illness caused by the decreased immunity due to infection by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Know that the HIV virus is very weak in the outside air, but can live in the human body through a medium such as liquid vagina, sperm / semen, blood and breast milk of the mother. Therefore, it needs to be clear understanding and knowledge about the transmission of AIDS so that we can avoid and prevent the progression of AIDS.

AIDS caused by the HIV virus to date cannot be cured. Therefore, prevention of the HIV virus is a major effort in the prevention of AIDS. The risk of transmission of HIV is increased by doing risky behavior. Let's see the actual behavior that can increase the risk of transmission of HIV - AIDS in our daily lives.

Free Sex

Free sex is identical with behavior changing sexual partners. Free sex is very risky when you have intercourse without knowing your partner's HIV status. Even if you already use a condom during intercourse you still have a risk of contracting HIV, because the condom cannot 100% protect you from HIV. In this case, the more pairs you have in the free sex, the higher the risk you have to be infected with the HIV virus. Avoid free sex and start a monogamous relationship with your spouse is a powerful way to prevent contracting the HIV virus

Premarital Sex

Have sex before marriage will put you at risk of contracting the HIV virus. Even if you use condoms, you are still at risk of contracting HIV, because as mentioned above, condoms are not 100% protect you from HIV. Knowing your partner's HIV status before having sex is mandatory.

Oral Sex

Sex through oral sex is at risk of contracting HIV, because HIV can enter through wounds that occur in the mucosal layer. Transmission can occur through injury on the gums, sores, and injury in the other parts of the mouth.

Men who are not circumcised

Uncircumcised men can experience a buildup of smegma (yellow mucus buildup) behind the head of the penis. Smegma can be a source of infection for both men and facilitate the entry of the HIV virus.

Injecting drug use

Sharing needles are alternately at high risk of contracting HIV. The HIV virus can enter directly into the bloodstream through a needle that has been contaminated with the whole HIV virus. Avoiding the use of needles to prevent transmission turns virus.

Alcohol drinkers

Drunken alcohol drinkers generally cannot consider the consequences of actions taken. Intercourse when you are drunk generally not safe, because you have intercourse unconsciously and with the possibility of the unknown.

Unsterile tattooing

Experts with sterile equipment should use tattoo needle. The use of unsterilized tattoo needle is having risk of transmitting the HIV virus, Hepatitis C, and skin infections to those who made tattoos.


Experts with sterile equipment should also carry out piercing. The use of non-sterile piercing equipment is at risk of transmitting the HIV virus, Hepatitis C and skin infections.

Acupuncture and skin care are not sterile

Today many practice of skin care using acupuncture methods in health centers and beauty clinics. The process of acupuncture can pass HIV to the recipient through the acupuncture needles used. Make sure to use a sterile needle to avoid the risk of contracting HIV.

Tips for you

If you are have some of the behaviors above, it is advised to you to perform HIV testing, especially if you are sexually active and drug user. You can go to clinic or perform the test at you own home by using HIV testing kit that you can buy anywhere online. Be careful when buy the kit, only buy FDA approved HIV testing kit to get reliable result and for your security too. Bellow are little things you have to do to avoid HIV infection:

• Avoid premarital sex

• Support the abstinence movement of sex before marriage

• Recommended for men undergoing circumcision

• Stop using alcohol and drugs

• Ensure cleanliness of tattoo needles and piercing

• Ensure use of sterile needles and consult to the experts.

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