Know Better About HIV And Aids
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Know Better About HIV And Aids

What are HIV and AIDS?

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that attacks the white blood cells in the body (lymphocytes) that may decrease the body's immune. A person who is having HIV virus in their blood may look healthy and seems like does not need a treatment. However, the person can transmit the virus to other people at risk when having sex and sharing syringes with others.

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a set of symptoms that arise due to reduced immunity. AIDS is caused by HIV infection. Due to decreased immunity on someone then that person is very susceptible to diseases such as tuberculosis, Candidiasis, various inflammations of the skin, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and brain cancer. Stage Antiretroviral AIDS is stage of treatment (ARVs) to reduce the amount of HIV virus in the body so it can be healthy again.

How HIV is can be transmitted to others?

Through sexual intercourse without condom allowing semen or genital fluids that contain the HIV virus enters the body partner

Of HIV-positive pregnant women can spread HIV to their babies during pregnancy, during labor and / or breastfeeding.

HIV can spread through transfusion of blood / blood products contaminated with HIV. Through the use of syringes contaminated with HIV, which is used interchangeably without sterilized, mainly in the use of shared syringes among injecting drug users (IDUs).

Is blood transfusion in health facilities at risk of transmitting HIV?

Not at risk because generally, health facilities are always checking or screening of HIV in donor blood before transfusion to another person. HIV contaminated blood is not used.

Is HIV infection can be prevented?

Yes, HIV prevention can be done by the way:

• Abstinence - not having sex (celibacy)

• Be Faithful - Always faithful to partner

• Condom - Use a condom in every risky sex

• Drugs - Stay away from drugs

How do I know my HIV status?

People who are in the stage of HIV cannot be identified without conducting tests. They look healthy and not showing any symptoms of disease. HIV status can only be known after the test for HIV is accompanied by counseling. Immediately visit the nearest health facility (clinic VCT) for HIV testing or you can do the test yourself at home. Simply purchase HIV test tool, you are able to do it yourself at home HIV test. Carefully selecting HIV test kits, HIV test kits choose approved by the FDA, for reasons of safety and reliability of test results.

What is HIV test?

HIV testing and counseling services are referred to as VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing). HIV testing is usually a blood test to ensure the presence of HIV antibodies in the blood sample. HIV testing is voluntary and confidential. Before HIV testing, counseling will be conducted to determine the level of risk of infection during this behavior and how to behave later after learning HIV test results. For a quick test can also be used mucous membranes of the mouth swabs test.

Is there a treatment for HIV and AIDS?

Infected with HIV is not a death sentence. AIDS can be prevented with antiretroviral or ARV treatment. ARVs reduce the rate of progression of HIV virus in the body so that people with HIV infection may return "healthy" or 'symptom-free'. However, the HIV virus in his body is still there and can still infect others.

Are people who have been infected with HIV may be married and have children?

The risk of transmission to a partner through sexual intercourse can be prevented by using condoms. Treatment with antiretroviral drugs can also suppress the growth of the HIV virus in the human body to undetectable limits so that the risk of transmission to a partner can be reduced, but it should still use a condom.

People who have been infected with HIV even still be able to have children safely. Through the course of HIV Transmission Prevention Mother to Child (PPIA / PMTCT), HIV transmission from mother to child during the pregnancy, childbirth and lactation can be reduced to 0%. Prospective parents can reduce the risk of infection in children by know their HIV status early. Consult with your doctor who treats you.

Are people who have been infected with HIV should be avoided?

You do not need to avoid people who have been infected with HIV. HIV transmission occurs through specific ways. Interact socially with people who have been infected with HIV does not cause HIV infection.

Myths about HIV that needs to be clarified:

• HIV does not transmitted in public swimming pools

• HIV does not spread by coughing or sneezing

• HIV does not transmitted by mosquitoes or other insects

• HIV does not spread by sharing eating utensils with

• HIV does not transmitted due to shake hands

• HIV does not transmitted by kissing

Is there a linkage of HIV infection and sexually transmitted infections?

Sexually transmitted infections or STIs are infections that are transmitted through sexual intercourse through the genital, anus or mouth. People with an STI have a greater risk for HIV infection. Genital injury due to an STI can facilitate a person infected with HIV while having unprotected sex.

The symptoms depend on the type of STI suffered. Some of the symptoms of STIs that may arise are:

• The exit discharge or pus from genital or anus

• Pain or feels hot when urinating

• Lumps, bumps or sores on genital, anus or mouth

• Swelling in the groin

• Bleeding after intercourse sex

• Pain in the lower abdomen (women)

• Pain in the testicles

Example of STI:

• Syphilis

• Gonorrhea (gonorrhea)

• Chlamydia

• Genital Herpes

• Infection Trichomonas

• Warts Sex

If you are someone who is suffering from one of the above diseases, do not treat yourself with OTC drugs on the market. The STI includes many types of diseases. Immediately consult your nearest health services to get tested for STD and get the right treatment.

Avoid sexual intercourse or use condoms during sexual intercourse are still in treatment. So that the infection does not recur, invite your partner to be examined and treated as well.

If STI is not assigned the appropriate treatment, may increase the risk of HIV infection, infertility, miscarriage, or transmission of STI to a partner or the baby.

HIV Treatment:

HIV and AIDS treatment basically involves aspects of Clinical Medical, Psychological and Social Aspects that include supportive treatment (support), prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections and antiretroviral treatment.

ARV or antiretroviral

ARV is short of Antiretroviral, which is a drug that can stop the reproduction of HIV in the body. When the treatment is working effectively, the immune damage can be delayed for many years and in that time span long enough so that people infected with HIV can prevent AIDS. With the increasing number of cases of HIV infection, the drugs have an important role in creating a healthy community through AIDS prevention strategy that combines prevention with efforts to care, support and treatment.

Until now, drugs are still the most effective way and be able to reduce mortality and impact on improving the quality of life of people infected with HIV while increasing the life expectancy for a healthier society. So at this time of HIV and AIDS has been accepted as a disease that can be controlled such as diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure and are no longer considered as a killer disease that is scary

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