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The Spreed, How To Prevent And How To Maintain Th E Health Status Of The Hi/v/aids Affected Person
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desipite the fact that hiv/aids is deadly virial desease which has no cure however many scientific reseach project are still carried out to find the treatment that can cure the hiv /aids

in this article we are going to look at how hiv /AIDS is spreed , how to prevent or reduce on the spreed and how to maintain the health status of the hiv /AIDS INFECTED person . in the presnt stuation they donot want to know there health status they fear to go for hi v /aids testing but hiv /aids is common disease which has affected the lives of the youth and adults however its estimated that about 10million people are affected in the world inspite the fact that the doctors and scientists have yet found the treatment for it there are ARV S

how hiv/aids is spreed in the fast place , it is transimitted through sexual intercles this is the most rapid way when aperson go for un protected sex or having sexual in tercles wityh the infected person

its also transimitted when poeple share sharp instruments like the shaving machine nile cutters among others in that case these sharp instruments are ment to be personal but not to be shared among the friend incase you are still doing it you should stop it .

its also transimetted to new born babies through birth that is to say if the woman is affected with the hiv/aids during birth if the blood of the baby gets incontact with the blood of the mother the child also gets hiv/aids virus .

how to prevent the hiv/aids virus by not sharing the sharp instruments each person should have his own instruments like shaving machines .

it can also be prevented by going for hiv/aids test and each individual should know his health status after 3months . lt can also be prevented by being loyal to your partner both partners should avoid cheting on one another

among the youth it can be prevented by abstaining from sex its even said in the bible that sex before marriage is a sin so tghe youth should abstain unitil there marriage.

how to maintain the health statu of the hiv /aids affected person after going for hiv test and you have proved beyond doite that your partner is affected please stop b crying that he has killed you but you should do the following this is for your life

good nutrition the hiv virus kills your antibodies and weakens your body system so by giving him the best balanced diet you are resiting the multipulicaton of these virus in your body this is my proper feeding timetable it can also work for you too very eary in the morning l eat fruits like mangoes oranges bananas most fruits provide vitamins to your body l take a cup of tea with flied eggs eggs provides proteins to your body at lunch l eat carbohydrates this is energy giving food

by conseiling the infected person make sure he has the relaxed mind he should stop thinking about death ,

make sure the affected person recieves the proper treatment that is tosay ARV treatment every day if he is your partner you should also do the same as if its not enoungh just get your own family doctors incase any thing you just call hi m .

you should also take enough liquids after every mile like juce just learn this proverb water is life so do not forget to buy and taking mineral water every day , this will help you to stay for longer periode of time

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