Want To Live Longer? #20 Medicinal Mushrooms
As you probably already know, it is not really about living longer. In reality, it is about living a healthier life…
Want To Live Longer? #2 How Is Your brain Aging?
So as we discussed I hope you are all beginning some kind of exercise. I am a speed walker and I walked 2 miles this…
What Strep Throat Cures Will Work Best For You
Your throat is sore from coughing, sneezing. It is accompanied by headache, fever, your muscles are sore. You are not…
Want To Live Longer? #24 What Is In the Flour
I was just sitting here eating my toast made with Ezekiel organic, cinnamon, raisin bread, and when I went to put something…
Chronic Fatigue Syndome, Lupus And Behcets Disease
Body pH and blood oxygen levels, with relation to CFS, Lupus and Behcets disease. A comment on one of my articles had…
GM Food is A Danger And Can Cause Cancer –
Dangers of eating GM foods, are so much more than known. Genetically modified food can and in some cases does causes…
Diseases Articles (339)
Eleven Steps to Prevent Salmonella
Once again, salmonella has resulted in a massive recall of food products here in the United States. Salmonella in its severest form is deadly and is easily preventable. Even with all of the steps that can be taken to keep you and your family safe, if you have a product…
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Conditions Which Affect Memory
The brain is the most important organ of the body; it consists of billions of nerve cells or neurons which are intricately linked. It is enclosed in the skull or cranium which offers protection from external shocks. The brain is the center of higher nervous activity and coordinates all the…
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Performing Hip Replacement Surgery
An increasingly common form of surgery that hip surgeons have been having to take part in the United States in recent years are hip replacement surgeries. Hip replacement surgeries are essentially the same thing as joint replacement surgeries, only they are done to the hip. People seek out hip replacement…
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Get Rid Of Cold Sores, Recurrences And Measures
If you are like me and constantly suffer from cold sores, you sure want to get rid of cold sores. It is not just painful but also ruins the opportunities in your life. Being the human body incapable of get rid of the virus causing it, but you can get…
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Know The First Signs Kidney Failure – It Could Save Your Life!
In today’s fast-paced world it is easy to overlook tiny messages from your body that are telling you something is wrong. People often mistake feeling lethargic, rundown and lacking appetite as the result of working too hard, working too much and increasing stress levels. However, these are some of the…
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US Government to Scientists: Don't Publish Full Details About Bird Flu, Journals Cry Fowl
The US government is suggesting that scientists keep certain details about a new, lab created version of the avian flu unpublished to protect the general public from the threat of biological weapons created using the new strain. The new version of the virus, bred in labs in Europe and the…
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Malaria Vaccine Initiative
Prior to approval for the use in Africa, the world’s first ever malaria vaccine has jumped one of the last hurdles. After checking for it's effectiveness and safety, The European Medicines Agency gave a positive scientific opinion. It represents a ‘go ahead’ for the Mosquirix jab, which was developed by…
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Best Diet For Fibromyalgia
If you are suffering with pain and are wanting to be more proactive with your health, wouldn't it be nice to know the best diet for fibromyalgia? Some of these tips will be simple, common-sense concepts. I am confident that some of the tips will be real eye openers. The…
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March Madness Excitement Could Take A Heavy Toll
Basketball fans are into their March Madness right about now and this weekend all eyes are on which teams will make the elite eight. Well the last game I watched Michigan squeezed by Tennessee so they are now awaiting their match up which should be decided today. No one can…
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Have Biologically Roots: Preliminary Study Shows Some Clues
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is one of the most misunderstood of all conditions for a number of reasons. Difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat, there are no diagnostic tests that can be used. There are also no treatments that work for all the people who suffer…
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Is There Cure For Ebola?
Scientifically, Ebola is defined as a Ribonucleic Acid that is responsible for causing a disease known as Ebola Haemorrhagic fever; it is one of the world’s most contagious viruses. It is very lethal and kills up to 90% of its victims through heavy bleeding. So the question goes can it…
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Frequently Asked Questions Of Any Health Guru Part 3
As we move along in the complex of B vitamins, which you are beginning to realize how great the importance of this particular set of vitamins is on your health, you will also learn how much they work together as a complex and why you need to keep them together…
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What is Colitis Disease?
Every day people around the world suffer from a horrible disease and if it left untreated it could make you unable to do the things you like to do. This disease is called Colitis. What is colitis disease you might ask? Good question. Colitis is a disease that affects the…
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5 Ways Patients Can Treat Spider Veins on their Feet And Ankles
Though spider veins commonly occur in thighs and legs, they can also develop in your ankles and feet. These are dark-colored veins appearing in clusters just like a spider’s web on your skin’s surface. This is a condition more common in women than men and if not treated as soon…
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Morgellons—the Disease Doctors Don't Know About
If you're experiencing itching and biting on your skin, you might have Morgellons disease. The first thing that you'll most likely do is go to your doctor. But, Morgellons is one disease doctors don't know about. They don't know how to tell you to control your environment. They don't know…
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Kidney Damage Causes
The kidneys are placed on both sides of the spine and are responsible of performing vital-sustaining purposes. Broadly talking; they clean the blood by taking away toxic materials, therefore, only "cleaned" blood go around the organic structure. They also keep the balance of minerals and salt and regularize blood pressure,…
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Natural Remedies for Shingles Pain Treatment
The initial symptoms such as itching, fever, chills, headache, rash, lesions and blisters caused by shingles outbreak often go away after a week or fortnight through antiviral pharmaceutical drugs. . Unfortunately their disappearance is only a beginning of a journey in a new kind of misery and discomfort for the…
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Want To Live Longer? #29 This Is How To Keep Your Estrogen Levels Balanced
You have probably seen this flower growing if you do not live in a big city. #29 Red clover is better at keeping estrogen levels correct than most medications. You did not know that did you? Red Clover is not only good for balancing the estrogen levels, it has been…
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Energy And Enthusiasm
Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Dr Sadaqat Ali The nature of my work involves public speaking. Training clients has been my bread and butter for the last fifteen years. I feel I was very energetic and enthusiastic when I started off in this line of work. But not anymore. In the…
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Your Itp Blood Disorder Treatment Options - And One That is Overlooked
ITP Blood Disorder plagues millions world wide. Obviously it affects you also. It affects not only those who have it but also those around them. And because it is an autoimmune disease all this negative stress can trigger the immune system of the sufferer to damage even more platelets. A…
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Top Orthopedic Shoe Inserts
Many people who have orthopedic problems jump to the conclusion that the cause of their issues probably has something to do with either their posture or their feet. Fortunately, there are a number of good products on the market that can help with these types of issues. Inserts are used…
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Cancer, Hormones, Smoking – Are they Related
Cancer, rBGH, Smoking – Are they Related... Are these three words or symbols synonymous, can they be used together, is there a relationship between them? Cancer and smoking linked together for years, can cancer and rBGH be the same? Is there a correlation between the three? A cure for cancer…
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Podiatrists’ Tips For Healthy Summertime Feet
Here’s some expert advice from experts on feet! Podiatrists chimed in to create this list of tips for having happy, healthy feet in the summertime. - Resist the urge to go barefoot! While one of the perks of summer is the chance to run around shoeless, it’s really not a…
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GM Food is A Danger And Can Cause Cancer – Scientific Studies State
Dangers of eating GM foods, are so much more than known. Genetically modified food can and in some cases does causes cancer, as proven by scientific studies undertaken in Russia using GM potatoes. The results of these studies were withheld by Monsanto till Green Peace won a court case which…
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Why Do Older People Should Take A Nap?
Find out, why... A nap is a short period of time to sleep taken during day time. It is a day we lie down and be counted to our sleeping hours everyday. As we age our bodies change. These changes impact the length and quality of our sleep. And the…
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The Multiple Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has been hailed as a miracle oil by Pacific Islanders for centuries. The healing properties are amazing and coconut oil is finally getting its well deserved recognition in Western medicine. Researchers and physicians are discovering that coconut oil:• Is a potent antiviral that has been clinically shown to…
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Laser Beams for Spider Vein Treatment In Huntington Beach
Varicose vein is a common problem that plagues aged men and women causing dark knotted veins in their legs making them visually repulsive. Minimally invasive treatment is available that can offer long-term relief soothing the areas and making them seem almost normal. Also known as vein ablation method the procedure…
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What Causes Fibromyalgia Pain
As you can imagine, in my brick and mortar practice I was asked 'What causes fibromyalgia pain?' many times. Nearly everyone hopes the answer comes quickly and the resolution swift. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) continues to state that the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. They suspect that the…
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3 Causes Of Joint Pain
If you are experiencing pain in your joints, you are not alone. There are people all over the world that experience some type of joint pain on a daily basis. There can be knee pain, elbow pain, knuckle pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain and many other types of pain that…
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Aspirin And Cancer
Aspirin has been with us for over 100 years. It first came out in 1899 as a powder, sold by Bayer, a German firm. Since then it has been used as a remedy for aches and pains, headaches, colds, just about every ailment we have. It’s pretty much common knowledge…
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The disease was first discovered in Africa in 1976. It is scientifically caused by virus. This particular…
Twelve girls from the same school building have all come down with similar symptoms that are causing…
If you or anyone you know is Suffering from Crohn's disease ,you may know how debilitating the chronic…
By Now you probably know that Florida, Wisconsin, UConn and Kentucky are in the Final Four. The big…
A virus is a very simple non-cellular parasite. A parasite needs living cells of another organism…
Let me tell you one thing about bioflavonoids. They are antioxidants. There is something you do understand.…

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