Chronic Lyme Disease
This is a topic that I have been unfortunately close to in the past and present. Having lost one of my favorite black…
Want To Live Longer? #8 It Is Not Healthy To
I have a friend who was just diagnosed with her second bout of cancer and she asked her doctor if she should be taking…
Want To Live Longer? #13 How Many Dark Green
Do you eat four servings of vegetables every day? I did not think so. How about dark green leafy vegetables? Do you…
Is Raccoon Distemper A Real Disease?
Distemper is a dangerous virus that is fatal in pets and small animals, and has been the reason behind millions of…
Is There Cure For Ebola?
Scientifically, Ebola is defined as a Ribonucleic Acid that is responsible for causing a disease known as Ebola Haemorrhagic…
What is Malaria?
Malaria is a life threatening disease caused by parasites called plasmodium. They are then transmitted to people by…
Diseases Articles (360)
Eleven Steps to Prevent Salmonella
Once again, salmonella has resulted in a massive recall of food products here in the United States. Salmonella in its severest form is deadly and is easily preventable. Even with all of the steps that can be taken to keep you and your family safe, if you have a product…
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What Does Your Urine Say About Your Health?
Questions and answers about common urinary concerns and points of out of danger signs. Is it abnormal to wake up at night to pass urine? Yes, this is abnormal. From the age of about three years, most people can sleep up to eight hours without going to the toilet. But…
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Hemorrhoids: A Bothersome Condition
Hemorrhoids or plies, as they are commonly called, represent excessive enlargement of the venous plexus (or network) at the lower end of the internal lining (mucosa) of the anus. It is more prevalent and fairly common in the more developed countries affecting an estimated forty percent of the population at…
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Orthopedic Shoulder Surgery Repair
The shoulder is a ball and joint socket; it is the most flexible part of the human body. It allows the arm to rotation in many directions; above, front, back and side of the body. The humerus, scapula and clavicle are the three bones that make up the shoulder. The…
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Want To Live Longer? #12 The Sunshine Vitamin
You already know that Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium but it actually regulates the calcium and phosphorous levels in your teeth, your bones, and your blood. Just as the photograph shows, no matter where you are you need to go outside and have fun on a sunny…
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The Best Diet For Fatty Liver Disease
If you are overweight there is a strong possibility that you have or will get fatty liver disease. The term fatty liver means exactly that. When you eat, any fat that isn't burnt off gets placed around your body. Anything left after that is stored in the liver. So to…
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Mysterious Disease Strikes A Dozen Girls at the Same School: Parents Demand Answers
Twelve girls from the same school building have all come down with similar symptoms that are causing them mental anguish and leaving their parents with more questions than answers. Thera Sanchez, a seventeen year old senior at LeRoy Junior-Senior High School in New York and Katie Krautwurst, a junior there,…
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Tips On How To Prevent Cancer From Spreading
Certain kinds of cancer are very difficult to eliminate. Use these tips to help yourself deal with the disease.You can overcome any cancer through early detection. Set up regular screening appointments with your doctor, so the doctor can test you for cancer cells prior to major symptoms showing. For cancers…
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Want To Live Longer? #19 Echinacea
Common to the Unites States, the herbs Echinacea purpurea and E angustifolia and even E pallida are all considered to be immune boosting medicinal herbs of the same species with very similar healthful effects. 18. Purple Coneflower, or E. purpurea, is taken in tincture form by millions today for defeating…
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Kidney Disease And Anemia
Kidney illness leads to a decreased manufacture of erythropoietin, a hormone which is indispensable for the manufacture of red blood cells. Up until the half of the 1980s, efficacious medical care was not accessible and this medical issue was handled by periodical blood transfusions applied one time every 2 to…
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Aspergers Syndrome In Adults
Asperger's syndrome affects 1% of adults with the manifestation of a complex range of symptoms. Mind blindness is the main symptom of asperger's syndrome. Recognising the meaning of facial expressions, tone of voice, body language is normal as non-verbal communication but asperger's syndrome sufferers lack this ability. Mindreading impairment is…
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5 Worst Diseases Caused By Smoking!
Smoking cigarettes is not just dangerous for health, but can be detrimental to your life, and the lives of others as well! More than 5 decades ago, it was revealed that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer. However, over time, studies and research have proved that smoking is responsible for a…
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Want To Live Longer? #3
Let's start with why you smoke. 3. Smoking. You say you smoke to calm yourself down. Yet the over 125 chemicals in cigarettes actually make you more nervous. Therefore your claim that you smoke to calm yourself down is ridiculous. Now you must figure out the real reason why you…
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About Hypothyroidism – A Common Health Problem
By hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland is producing too less hormones to stimulate the metabolism or the body is not able to utilize the hormones. The lack of thyroid hormones slows down the metabolism and thus all the activities in the body, giving a combination of many symptoms related to slowness…
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What is Malaria?
Malaria is a life threatening disease caused by parasites called plasmodium. They are then transmitted to people by the bites of infected anopheles mosquitoes. The malaria parasites enter the blood stream and affect the red blood cells. Red blood cells are a vital part of the body’s circulatory system and…
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Loves to Eat Processed Foods? You Need Antioxidants
We all know how good processed foods taste like. But we should also know what comes with each serving we eat. It’s been known for years that there are numerous chemical used for food preservation. Still we all love to eat it. And if you have been fond of its…
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Types Of Infections Treated In Orthopedics
Orthopedics refers to a branch of medicine that treats diseases and injuries to the musculoskeletal system. While many people know that this field covers treatment for sports injuries and diseases that affect the skeletal or muscular structures, such as arthritis, orthopedic doctors also treat infections that occur when a type…
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Did You Really Say You Are Still A Smoker?
Did you know that our bodies used to make our own Vitamin C. I do not know how it happened but we no longer make our own Vitamin C and must eat food that contains the vitamin to keep it in our diet. We definitely need to have at least…
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Is Smoking Bad for Crohns Disease
WHY SMOKE? I bet you are peeking at this article wanting to ask me IS SMOKING BAD FOR crohns disease. Secretly hoping that i am going to say, smoke away. But, sorry, it would be unfair of me to lie to you. I will start by telling you that i…
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Signs of Kidney Failure - The Top 10 Signs of Kidney Failure
Kidney failure is the end stage of a renal disorder that is attributed by completely stopping the kidney's functions. I know that this can be a scary time for some but if you can catch the signs of kidney failure before they become life threatening there might be a chance…
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Laser Beams for Spider Vein Treatment In Huntington Beach
Varicose vein is a common problem that plagues aged men and women causing dark knotted veins in their legs making them visually repulsive. Minimally invasive treatment is available that can offer long-term relief soothing the areas and making them seem almost normal. Also known as vein ablation method the procedure…
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IVF Specialists In Delhi List 5 Precautions to Take After IVF
IVF is the best available method for couples who suffer from infertility and want to bear a child. Over the years, multiple successful cases of healthy pregnancies have increased the trust of the general public in the treatment. Needless to say, each and every couple that undergoes IVF wants to…
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What is Itp Blood And Treatment Options Used to Increase Platelets
ITP blood (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura) is a disease that affects millions. Those who have it bleed easily. This is because platelets, the part of the blood responsible for clotting are at unhealthy low levels. A normal healthy individual has a platelet count of 140-500,000 per cubic mm of blood. One…
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The Best Drink for Final Four Parties And Celebrations
Did your team make it to the Final Four? I watched the Florida Dayton game and Florida prevailed in that one. Dayton put up a good fight but at the end of the day Florida was just the better and stronger team. The Wisconsin Arizona game was a bit more…
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Top 10 Prescription Medications for Hemorrhoids
The treatment of hemorrhoids have been revolutionized since our entrance into the twenty first century, ranging from natural health remedies which include oriental medicine, to state of the art surgical procedures. The need to treat hemorrhoidal symptoms will always be present as this disorder affects more than half the world’s…
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Want To Live Longer? #8 It Is Not Healthy To Be Vitamin B Deficient - R U?
I have a friend who was just diagnosed with her second bout of cancer and she asked her doctor if she should be taking vitamin B complex and he said "NO".....What is wrong with this picture? I will tell you. She is an HER-2 breast cancer survivor, which means that…
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Frequently Asked Questions Of Any Health Guru Part 2
When we say complex we really mean a complex of compounds that work together so much that they need each other to function. If you are deficient in one B vitamin then you are probably also deficient in another B vitamin in this complex. You have probably heard of the…
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Gout: What is it (in Plain Language)
Gout “Gout is a disease in which a defect in uric acid metabolism causes excess of the acid and its salts (urates) to accumulate in the bloodstream and the joints. It results in attacks of acute gouty arthritis and chronic destruction of the joints… The excess of urates also damages…
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Ways Of Finding Right Orthopedic Surgeons
If you are looking for ideal orthopedic physicians, you need to be so particular so as to get the best one. This is because the musculoskeletal surgical operations can be very challenging thus making it necessary for one to ensure that they obtain the right treatment, and the only way…
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Web Md Com
I felt compelled to follow up with another article about Dr. Goldberg's book, 'Tabloid Medicine'. Especially in light of an entire industry, Web MD com, that is based on empowering and educating patients via the internet. One of Dr. Goldberg's complaints about searching out medical information on the internet is…
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Free Radicals Free Radicals by definition, is an atom or molecule that has one or more unpaired electrons…
For many years, researchers, scientists and fitness experts have warned that being overweight is…
Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva or thin membrane which covers the white section…
Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Dr Sadaqat Ali The nature of my work involves public speaking. Training clients…
Everyone has experienced episodes with the awful symptoms of the flu at some point of their lives…
Nicholas Andry was the first person to use the word orthopaedics (today spellings vary - some use…

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