Cancer - It Only Lives Inside Of Us
All the things I said about what I would not do if I was diagnosed with cancer seemed to be just words in the breeze.…
GM Food is A Danger And Can Cause Cancer –
Dangers of eating GM foods, are so much more than known. Genetically modified food can and in some cases does causes…
Why You Should Eat Fruits Everyday
People all around the world are spending millions if not billions every year to find some kind of relief from many…
Are you constantly sleepy? Factors that cause
Sleepiness is a serious pathological problem today. The person suffering from sleepiness, has an increased mood for…
Want To Live Longer? #26 Are You Chewing On A
Serenoa repens is the herb everybody uses for the hyperandrogen conditions of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), polycystic…
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A Myth Or Ailment
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), also know as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), or post-viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS)…
Diseases Articles (339)
Eleven Steps to Prevent Salmonella
Once again, salmonella has resulted in a massive recall of food products here in the United States. Salmonella in its severest form is deadly and is easily preventable. Even with all of the steps that can be taken to keep you and your family safe, if you have a product…
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Get Rid Of Cold Sores, Recurrences And Measures
If you are like me and constantly suffer from cold sores, you sure want to get rid of cold sores. It is not just painful but also ruins the opportunities in your life. Being the human body incapable of get rid of the virus causing it, but you can get…
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What To Do For An Ankle Sprain?
The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons report that nearly 28,000 people in the United States sprain their ankles daily. While you may have experienced a twisted ankle several times in your life, the difference between a twist and a sprain is that a sprain will become painful and swollen shortly…
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Away From Hiv, Start From Hiv Pep Clinic Singapore
HIV PEP Clinic Singapore is a complete idea and system identified with a particular treatment of presented to HIV. It is intended to stop HIV negative results. The principle parameters of the methodology ought to be as per the following, so as to consider the case as a subject to…
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US Government to Scientists: Don't Publish Full Details About Bird Flu, Journals Cry Fowl
The US government is suggesting that scientists keep certain details about a new, lab created version of the avian flu unpublished to protect the general public from the threat of biological weapons created using the new strain. The new version of the virus, bred in labs in Europe and the…
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Chinese Scholars Reveal the New Factors Leading to Cancer Ap - 1
A family of DNA-binding transcription factors composed of dimers of two proteins that bind to one another via a shared structural motif called a leucine zipper. The best characterized AP-1 factor is composed of the proteins Fos and Jun.AP-1 is involved in transcriptional regulation of many different genes important in…
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Best Diet For Fibromyalgia
If you are suffering with pain and are wanting to be more proactive with your health, wouldn't it be nice to know the best diet for fibromyalgia? Some of these tips will be simple, common-sense concepts. I am confident that some of the tips will be real eye openers. The…
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Best Time to Do HIV Test Singapore
When talk about HIV, I know everybody's face will turn to pale, because once get the HIV, it means death. But it is also not a wise mind to ignore or avoid this problem. Though there is may no risk surrounding us, but the data about HIV still scare us.…
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Have Biologically Roots: Preliminary Study Shows Some Clues
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is one of the most misunderstood of all conditions for a number of reasons. Difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat, there are no diagnostic tests that can be used. There are also no treatments that work for all the people who suffer…
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Early Symptoms Of Kidney Stones
What are kidney stones? Kidney stones are hardened substances that are found highly present in the urine. If these substances are not flushed out by the kidneys, they settle and form into stones. The stones, if not released from the body may reach up to a size of a ball…
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Conditions Which Affect Memory
The brain is the most important organ of the body; it consists of billions of nerve cells or neurons which are intricately linked. It is enclosed in the skull or cranium which offers protection from external shocks. The brain is the center of higher nervous activity and coordinates all the…
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What is Colitis Disease?
Every day people around the world suffer from a horrible disease and if it left untreated it could make you unable to do the things you like to do. This disease is called Colitis. What is colitis disease you might ask? Good question. Colitis is a disease that affects the…
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GMO What You Don't Know May Kill You
I have a question for all of you who say things like, "I would rather die than give up my steak and fried chicken", and you, who eat by taste buds alone, eating lots of donuts or 12 cups of coffee a day. Would you drink antifreeze if they made…
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Morgellons—the Disease Doctors Don't Know About
If you're experiencing itching and biting on your skin, you might have Morgellons disease. The first thing that you'll most likely do is go to your doctor. But, Morgellons is one disease doctors don't know about. They don't know how to tell you to control your environment. They don't know…
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Information On Spinal Fusion - Top Orthopedic Surgeons
Any type of surgery on the spine used to be an area of extreme concern for those who had back pain and other problems. Today, surgical procedures have improved and so have the skills of the surgeons who perform them. Spinal fusion is one type of surgery performed by top…
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Natural Remedies for Shingles Pain Treatment
The initial symptoms such as itching, fever, chills, headache, rash, lesions and blisters caused by shingles outbreak often go away after a week or fortnight through antiviral pharmaceutical drugs. . Unfortunately their disappearance is only a beginning of a journey in a new kind of misery and discomfort for the…
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Frequently Asked Questions Of Any Health Guru Part 4
When we get through the vitamins we will move on to the minerals so do not stop now. We are just getting this condensed version of your nutrition started. These vitamins and minerals that your body needs are of the utmost importance and you should be learning the "whys" and…
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Your Itp Blood Disorder Treatment Options - And One That is Overlooked
ITP Blood Disorder plagues millions world wide. Obviously it affects you also. It affects not only those who have it but also those around them. And because it is an autoimmune disease all this negative stress can trigger the immune system of the sufferer to damage even more platelets. A…
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Health Benefits Of Gluten Free Food
Food has been a part of a daily lifestyle of every person. We need food in order to survive. We need vitamins and proteins for body nutrition. However, not all food is right for the body but since it has been our norms, we often forgot that what we eat…
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Cancer, Hormones, Smoking – Are they Related
Cancer, rBGH, Smoking – Are they Related... Are these three words or symbols synonymous, can they be used together, is there a relationship between them? Cancer and smoking linked together for years, can cancer and rBGH be the same? Is there a correlation between the three? A cure for cancer…
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It Can Happen
You think it cannot happen to me, but believe me it can. The It being a disease that comes on and takes over your life. I wrote an article several months ago about the cancer found in my colon cancer screening. I was lucky it was discovered in time to…
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GM Food is A Danger And Can Cause Cancer – Scientific Studies State
Dangers of eating GM foods, are so much more than known. Genetically modified food can and in some cases does causes cancer, as proven by scientific studies undertaken in Russia using GM potatoes. The results of these studies were withheld by Monsanto till Green Peace won a court case which…
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Four Tips For Choosing The Best Chiropractor
Chiropractors are specialists in the treatment of patients who suffer from neck, spine and limb pains. Whereas the same chiropractors can have a myriad of specializations, many people tend to turn to chiropractors when they suffer sport injuries or have been injured in an accident. Research has shown that many…
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Is Raccoon Distemper A Real Disease?
Distemper is a dangerous virus that is fatal in pets and small animals, and has been the reason behind millions of raccoon deaths. Because this virus is so frequent in raccoons, it is colloquially referred to as “raccoon distemper.” Many people have heard of two different types of distemper: feline…
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The Multiple Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has been hailed as a miracle oil by Pacific Islanders for centuries. The healing properties are amazing and coconut oil is finally getting its well deserved recognition in Western medicine. Researchers and physicians are discovering that coconut oil:• Is a potent antiviral that has been clinically shown to…
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Ebola Virus Origin
If there is a disease that has shaken a number of communities, is Ebola. It is almost like the biblical disease known as Leprosy where people would not want to be associated with a person suffering form such an illness. Therefore, the reader will agree that running away from the…
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What Causes Fibromyalgia Pain
As you can imagine, in my brick and mortar practice I was asked 'What causes fibromyalgia pain?' many times. Nearly everyone hopes the answer comes quickly and the resolution swift. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) continues to state that the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. They suspect that the…
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Causes, Risks And Treatments Of Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that causes deterioration that can result in fractures. The disease affects millions of Americans and brings nearly two million of them to an orthopedic doctor for treatment of fractures each year. The name osteoporosis translates to “porous bones” describing the condition that causes…
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Aspirin And Cancer
Aspirin has been with us for over 100 years. It first came out in 1899 as a powder, sold by Bayer, a German firm. Since then it has been used as a remedy for aches and pains, headaches, colds, just about every ailment we have. It’s pretty much common knowledge…
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E Coli Contaminated Water In Rockford Illinois
This is so close to home for me it has given me a very real scare when I read about e coli contaminated water in Rockford Illinois. How safe is your drinking water when a city with less than a year old state of the art automated water system can…
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Nicholas Andry was the first person to use the word orthopaedics (today spellings vary - some use…
I felt compelled to follow up with another article about Dr. Goldberg's book, 'Tabloid Medicine'.…
Salt was the very first item used as an antibiotic. Iodized Sea Salt I do not understand why everyone…
We have begun to get into the heart of the minerals here with calcium and magnesium and as you are…
A virus is a very simple non-cellular parasite. A parasite needs living cells of another organism…
The United States has already asked scientists to moderate or edit their submissions to medical journals…

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