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#34 The Only Plant That Contains All The Amino Acids
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#34 The Only Plant That Contains All The Amino Acids

We have been using this plant since the beginning of the time when man used plants. It is one of the first plants we domesticated when we began using plants for ourselves in the way of domestication.

#34 Hemp (Cannabis sativa) protein is the only protein that contains all of the 21 amino acids, which includes the 9 essential amino acids that we need on a continual basis for our body to be healthy.

The hemp seed contains all of the amino acids and can be cooked with and eaten.

There is basically no THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, in the plants that are used for food.

They are two different species.

The Cannabis sativa subsp. indica is the species that is used for medicinal and even recreational uses with up to 20% THC, while a different species altogether is used for making paper, clothing and other industrial uses, which is the C sativa L. subsp. sativa var. sativ with a THC content of only 0.3%.

Nutrition of Cannabis sativa

The hemp seed itself is so nutritious that it contains all the daily requirements for your essential fatty acids.

We all know by now, I hope, that Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 are oils that we ingest from the foods we eat, if we are eating the right foods that are good for us.

Some of us even know that they come from linoleic acid (LA), alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), palmitic acid, stearadonic acid, gamma-lenolenic acid (GLA), oleic acid, and many more.

All of these oils are contained in the nutritious seed of this great plant, and are also in the hemp oil.

This seed contains edible oils with 44% of the seed, and this daily requirement is fulfilled by one Tbsp which is the same as 15 ml, of hemp oil.

The percentages of these oils contained in the hemp seed are: linoleic acid (LA) at 55% which are your Omega-6s, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) at 22% which are your Omega-3s, stearadonic acid (SDA) another Omega-3 at 0 to 2%, and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) another Omega-6 at 1 to 4%, which are the main essential fatty acids we need daily.

However, the hemp seed also contains: Oleic acid which is an Omega-9, Palmitic acid, beta carotene, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, Sodium, Iron, dietary fiber, and no cholesterol.

There are literally no other seeds, or plants, that contain the amount of nutrition that this one plant holds.

Moving right along with the nutrition of this seed are the amino acids that are contained there-in as well. Meat, milk, and even eggs cannot compare with the hemp protein in this seed when it comes to the amount of complete protein from amino acids inside the seed.

Hemp Products

1. The plant is also used to make a very good paper, as well as material for clothing. It is often mixed with some other fibers being organic also, like silk, flax, and mostly cotton with an almost 50/50% blend.

2. It is used in as many products like oil based paints, litter, animal bedding and animal food, mulch, plastics and even fishing bait.

3. It is used in making sail fabrics like canvas, and the word "canvas" even came from the word cannabis.

4. It has more recently been used to make a concrete block with lime and hemp. and is used more for an insulator.

5. Some of the first sailors used hemp rope which made a fine rope, but back then it had to be tarred to keep it from rot.

6. It seems to be used for just about everything from weed control to biofuels.

Countries That Grow Hemp for Profit in Legal Business

Cannabis sativa is grown in many other countries for many different reasons, but they are all for healthy and hardy legal products. It makes a fine product no matter what you create with it.

From China, France, U.K., Portugal, Japan, Russia, Australia, Canada, U.S. and even Uruguay grow and find great uses for this amazing plant.

Cannabis sativa needs very little in the way of pesticides and grows densely and more quickly than other plants used for things like weed control.

Hemp is simply a great plant with uses for just about everything.

It is hard to get a license to grow hemp in our country because of the drug laws and the DEA, but in my belief it should be used to make all of our paper, as it makes a great paper.

We could actually save our trees with this amazing plant, and I am all for saving our trees and our rainforests.

The trees and special plants that only grow in our rainforests play such an essential part of our natural ecosystem for so many reasons, like rain for another one.

We can eat the seeds and cook with them to make great tasting fiber laden foods, like cookies and energy bars.

We could get our daily doses of our necessary amino acids and essential fatty acids from putting it into our trail mixes and cereals.

We can use hemp oil as a base for making our own salad oils and dressings because it is so very nutritious and good for your health.

Hemp oil has a myriad of uses when you stop to think about what you can use oil for, even just in the kitchen.

We could make more clothing out of the mix of hemp and cotton fibers as it makes a great material for shirts and other clothing.

My Belief

We could take tobacco off the market and the tobacco companies could grow hemp for paper, rope and so many other businesses they would still be wealthy companies, and the workers would not die from tobacco poisoning in the fields.

There are plenty of products on the market that are worse than hemp as a recreational drug. Besides, the Cannabis sativa plants for industrial use have no THC content in them anyway.

Alcohol is legal and controlled, and has killed many people of liver diseases.

Tobacco is legal and controlled, causes cancer, and has killed more people than car crashes.

The byproducts involved, that are derived from making paper from trees, are such pollutants.

And you cannot make clothes, rope, biofuels, concrete, animal feed, oil based paints, paper or any of the fine products you can make from hemp, with any other controlled substances.

We could save our trees and our rainforests. Think about it.

Street Talk

Joan S  

Great ideas for hemp. So many uses. I like the fabric, though I haven't come across the paper yet. Must be like linen. Wonder if it's good for drawing. Thanks for all this useful information Kaite. Btw, did you receive my email? I sent it through your website. Taking Salvestrols now, and it's because of you. Thank you. Btw, my doctor is using it as therapy for all his cancer patients.

  about 9 years ago

Oh My Gosh!!! I am so very happy to hear about that....Did you ever Google Gerry Potter..He is the discoverer in Leicester England...and did you ever go to salvestrol dot ca to read even more about it and see all the doctors in the US and Canada who have been trained in the program about it? Gerry also said that there is a book (he has written many) by Abram Hoffer about the B vitamin B3 (Niacin or Nicotinamide)and how important it is also in the getting rid of cancer it is involved in the reaction of the can read a little bit about it in a comment he wrote on my blog shopmotherearth at wordpress as well...the article I wrote was called Homepathic Alopecia Treatments that Work .... there I would love to know the name of your doctor and hope very much that he has contacted Gerry Potter....I am sure they could talk. in Leicester England...He is a professor there at University....a Medical great to hear Joan.....

  about 9 years ago
Joan S  

Thanks Kaite. Been taking it for close to 3 weeks so far, and actually "feel" the healing effects. Is it my imagination? Also taking inositol and biotin. There's niacin in my multiple, but I think I'll take more of it. I'm so appreciative to know about these enzymes, and to have them available to myself and others. Have been reading as much as I can about Gerry Potter and salvestrols, also Dan Burke. Makes such good sense. Gerry Potter is some kind of saint genius combination. Also read about his frustrations in regard to the traditional, "self interest" groups and regulating agencies that are trying to keep this knowledge away from mainstream public by tying it up in red tape. I was in your site and read a commentary between you and Gerry Potter, and want to go in and read more. Fascinating. Will I be able to comment there? Want to read all of Potter's books, and see if I can help to get the word around, but without hurting Potter. I read Brian Schaefer's book: Salvestrols Nature's Defence Against Cancer. Does Potter have a website? Found several blogs in which he generously participated, but haven't found his home base. I'll send you the name of my doctor. Knowing him, he's probably in touch with Potter. I told my doctor how you introduced me to salvestrols. Interesting, because he went to work researching it right after I told him. He's very enthusiastic about it. And so am I.

  about 9 years ago

So I have been somewhat out of touch for awhile now but I am trying to start doing better....sooooo glad to hear you are taking the salvestrol....I told a girl here on our dock about it and she asked her boyfriend who is 70 and he said oh i take that everyday...She is a massage therapist and he says he has no aches or pains....amazing...yes please read all of what I have chatted with Gerry on my blog....I do not know his main website or anything yet ...he does have a facebook page but there was not much on it the last time I went there...I feel the same about him...He said he recently read one of Abrahm Hoffers books on a vitamin B( B3) which is niacin and Gerry has recommended also during salvestrol and he explains why in my article on my other wordpress blog call shopmotherearth in my article on alopecia...please check this out...I think you will find it interesting as well...You should also look up Abram hoffer who is an important person behind the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine....and it is online as can read all the archives for free....Look up Hoffer in Amazon and find many of his books.....good luck in your search and your health as always.....glad to hear from you....

  about 9 years ago
Joan S  

Hi Kaite, Thank you for all the info. I'll read your article and conversation with Gerry. Also quite interested in learning more about B3. I'm taking niacin along with Salvestrols. Very interested in reading Abram Hoffer's books and the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. My work is cut out for me. Glad you're back. I'm been among the missing too. Just been busy. Thank you for all the life preserving info. I am most grateful to you.

  about 9 years ago
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