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Are You Constantly Sleepy? Factors That Cause Disease Of Sleepiness.
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Are you constantly sleepy? Factors that cause disease of sleepiness.

Sleepiness is a serious pathological problem today. The person suffering from sleepiness, has an increased mood for sleep during the day. According to studies, over 20% of serious injuries from car accidents have been caused from thw drowsiness of drivers! Frequency and internal architecture of sleep is directly related to the smooth functioning of a central neural pacemaker, which in turn is linked to retinahypothalamus way. Smooth sleep is being organized steadily from night to night and two forms, which are clearly identified in a special examination, polysomnography:

Non REM sleep (non rapid eye movement) without rapid movements that dominate the first third of the night. REM sleep (rapid eye movement) with rapid eye movements that usually appears the second hour of sleep and covers 20-25% of total sleep.

Causes of drowsiness are: Reversal of biological rhythms, extreme tiredness, chronic sleep deprivation, stress, poor diet. Frequency and internal architecture of sleep is directly related to the smooth functioning of a central neural pacemaker, which is extremely sensitive. Overwork, stress, chronic sleep deprivation, poor diet interfere in the delicate cycle of sleep and wakefulness and may cause drowsiness.

The sleep apnea During sleep there is a naturally reduced muscle tone of the airways because of sleep. Certain diseases cause deterioration of the phenomenon or airway obstruction and difficulty in air passage (eg, obesity, infection, allergy, brain diseases, cardiovascular diseases). Some medicines and toxic substances may be responsible for sleep apnea episodes. People with sleep apnea episodes, experience drowsiness and are at high risk for the occurrence of cardiac arrest and arrhythmias.

The narcolepsy This disorder is characterized by drowsiness and disorder of REM sleep. Exact etiology of the disease is unknown but seems to be involved genetic and environmental factors. Secondary narcolepsy cases have been described (eg after head trauma).

The disorder of REM sleep occurs: With a sudden loss of muscle tone in sleep wake transition, hallucinations during sleep onset or during awakening, muscle paralysis upon awakening.

The fatigue syndromes, triggered by an organic disease. List is long. Several times, sleep disorders are varied: insomnia, somnolence, insomnia alternations - sleepiness. Particularly common is drowsiness due to anemia and sleepiness of chronic fatigue syndrome.

KLEINE LEVIN syndrome It is an unknown causality pathological syndrome that affects mainly young men and is characterized by short episodes of drowsiness with hyperphagia, hypersexuality, irritability.

Restless legs syndrome during sleep This syndrome is characterized by periodic limb movements during sleep. Causes poor sleep quality, frequent awakenings during sleep. It may be accompanied by purely insomnia or sleepiness or insomnia alternated by somnolence. Findings from proper medical health assessment have a key role in individualized patient evaluation, setting of required examinations in each case and in providing proper treatment. Polysomnography today is a special examination which takes place in a hospital and is performed in cases of persistent sleepiness and sleep disorders. During the examination patient sleeps at the hospital, the occurrence and stages of sleep are being studied (eg REM NON REM), the brain activity during sleep, cardiorespiratory function during sleep and the state of skeletal muscle during sleep. Polysomnography is not identical with the ongoing in most hospitals normal sleep study during which measured only a few parameters related syndromes of sleep apnea. Polysomnography requires special hospital equipment and it's contribution is very important for the differential diagnosis of sleep disorders, and to determine the appropriate treatment.

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