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Frequently Asked Questions Of Any Health Guru Part 8
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Frequently Asked Questions Of Any Health Guru Part 8

These minerals are important in our diet in minute amounts, and we probably already get them, unless we are living on junk food, or fast food, which will not give you any of the vitamins that you need.

People are so accustomed to filling their stomachs these days that they will eat fast food simply so they can go on, without their stomach trying to tell them that their body needs food. But that is not food. Well, it is food, but it is not going to help your body in any way, other than to settle your stomach for a while.

The real problem today is that way too many people do not know this. Many people have no idea that our society would let businesses sell food that is this bad for your body.

As you will see with all these trace minerals, we get them in the fresh fruits and veggies that we consume daily, and as long as we eat a good diet we do not have to worry about whether we get the trace minerals or not. Organic is, of course, the way to get the most out of your food, or as they say, the "most bang for your buck".

How many of you can safely say that you eat fruits and veggies with every meal. Come on now, you probably do not. But you could start now by buying organic produce, and you will start feeling better. You would also know that your digestive system is then, going to start working much better. You will notice a difference. Believe me when I say, that how you feel will change, along with your digestion. And this change will be for the better.

Boron is a trace mineral which means it is only needed by the body in very small, trace, amounts. But it is necessary for the metabolism, or the body's use of, certain minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D. Therefore, if you do not have enough Boron you may be inclined to have a shortage of those minerals. If you do not have enough of these certain minerals you could be at risk for arthritis and hypertension. It is also known to support the proper growth of bone.

Having enough of this trace mineral helps with joint discomfort, brain function, alertness, utilizing sugars and fats, recognition, osteoporosis, to protect cognitive function, and build muscle.

Food sources of Boron are: apples, pears, dark green leafy veggies, raw nuts, carrots, whole grains, grapes, prunes, and raisins, as well as fruits that are not citrus fruits, legumes, and veggies. Good food sources of fruits and veggies, of course, should be organic.

Some deficiency symptoms of Boron could be: arthritis, joint pain, high blood pressure, vitamin D deficiency, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium deficiency. There is no known actual deficiency of this mineral.

Germanium is not even a trace mineral. You need so little of this that you can get enough of this mineral just by eating mushrooms and garlic. There is no need to supplement with a germanium supplement. In fact, there are health safety risks associated with supplementation of germanium. It is illegal to import a human supplement of this mineral in to the United States.

Apparently there was a toxicity reported that was renal, hepatic, myelogenous, and neurological in nature, in a trial that was used for AIDS treatment with this supplement.

Food sources of Germanium are: mushrooms (Shiitake mostly), pan fish, tuna, tomato juice, and garlic. Yes, these should also be organic.

There are no deficiency symptoms of Germanium. There does not appear to be a requirement for Germanium in our physiology, however, some people have used it to increase the amount of oxygen going to their brain, because it increases the amount of blood going to the brain from the circulation.

There have been some qualified safety concerns with supplementation of this mineral, even in tiny amounts. Despite these serious concerns people have used it for hypertension, high cholesterol, blood vessel conditions and heart conditions. It has also been used for conditions of the eye, like cataracts and glaucoma. And some people have used it for cirrhosis and hepatitis.

There have also been uses, despite the risk, for RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), osteoporosis, AIDS, lack of energy, pain, and osteoarthritis. Still others have used it for food allergies, viral infections, cancer, yeast infections, heavy metal poisoning (cadmium and mercury), and depression.

Adverse reactions from Germanium supplementation are: vomiting, anemia, fatigue, weight loss, muscle weakness, sensory ataxia, paresthesias, anorexia, and nausea.

Rare adverse reactions from Germanium supplementation are: bone marrow hypoplasia, renal failure, peripheral neuropathies, cerebellar ataxia, hepatic stenosis, and elevated liver enzymes.

I am assuming that I do not have to define any of these reactions, because they can be seen already to be very, very bad and even fatal, and therefore enough to keep people away from wanting to supplement with this mineral. Thank you.

Chromium is a vital part of the molecule GTF (glucose tolerant factor), and it is involved in the assimilation of glucose in the body. It is necessary for energy and is known for its maintenance of blood sugar. It is absolutely necessary for the synthesis of proteins, fats and cholesterol.

However, a deficiency of this mineral is very rare. You would only be taking this as a supplement if your doctor prescribes it for you. Never take Chromium picolinate. Never take any picolinate. Picolinate is a known carcinogen. If you are prescribed to take this mineral, take it as Chromium polynicotinate. Even when you see this in energy drinks they now use the polynicotinate form.

It is an essential only as a micronutrient, and essential for metabolism to function properly.

Diabetics, no matter if you are a type II diabetic or a type I diabetic, and people who are hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), need to talk to their doctor before they would decide to take Chromium.

Food sources of Chromium are: (you will be happy to know) some beer and some wines, brown rice, fish, dried beans, spices, some dairy, coffee, turkey, cheese, broccoli, green beans, potatoes, high bran breakfast cereals, mushrooms, chicken, beef, calf liver, brewer's yeast, blackstrap molasses, and whole grains. I did mention that these foods should also be organic.

It is mostly taken into the body from food being stored in pans that are made of stainless steel (may be made with up to eighteen percent Chromium), and also in cans.

Some deficiency symptoms of Chromium are: fatigue, higher risk for arteriosclerosis, glucose intolerance, anxiety, and the improper metabolism of amino acids.

A food diet that is generally high in the simple sugars will cause metal (Chromium) to be excreted in the urine.

Too much of this trace mineral can lead to: dermatitis, kidney impairment, liver impairment, ulcers and Chromium toxicity (it is a metal).

Even these trace minerals are essential to our bodies in micro amounts, we need them in such very small amounts that we usually get them in our diet.

These are not something you would ever need to supplement unless a doctor has said so for your health.

Yet, it is still important that we get them in our diet. And now is the time to find that farmer's market and start buying your produce from them. Find the organic produce stand and buy that food. The produce at the grocery has been shipped from some other country and is how old? By now it could even be three months old. No wonder when you buy the lettuce there it goes bad in a day or two in your refrigerator.

This does not even take into consideration that it was picked green. When fruits and vegetables are picked before they are ripe, they do not get the rest of the enzymes they were going to get from the tree or plant they were on. They are now ripened by the ether that they emit amongst themselves to ripen, and the closer you put them to each other, the quicker they will continue to ripen. This means they are not complete as they would be if they ripened on the plant.

I know you have probably heard someone say that when you have to pick the tomatoes from your garden before they ripen, to put them into a paper bag so they will ripen overnight. This is because of the ether they emit.

If you want to try out my theory, go to the produce stand that sells organic food and buy what you normally buy, from them. Eat organic only, for two weeks and see if you do not notice a change in how you feel, as well as how you digest your food.

Then you can let me know and we can talk about it.

Next we will go on to Iron, which I am certain you have knowledge of, and Copper, and Silicon, which are other trace minerals.

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Joan S  

Whoops, you just taught me something important. I didn't know about chromium picolinate. Ugh! I also didn't know that chromium is usually not needed to supplement your diet. Looking forward to all the fresh produce from local farms. Trick is making sure it is organic. Many of the farmers say they can't afford to go strictly organic. So they produce a hybrid organic. I know. It's not the same.

  about 9 years ago
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