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Living With Lupus Tiredness
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Lupus is an autoimmune condition that affects women nine times more than men. It is known as the “great mimic” as the symptoms are very common to many other conditions. Lupus is becoming more common than Multiple Sclerosis.

Even though doctors are becoming more aware about Lupus and its many strange symptoms, it is still very difficult for a Lupus sufferer to feel well. Some symptoms they experience can be debilitating.

One of the most debilitating symptom, is the Lupus tiredness, it is like no other tiredness that you will have dealt with. This tiredness can happen at any time and may not always follow any particular course.

Anything can trigger a bout of Lupus tiredness, from dealing with stress in your life to going out in the sun, are just a couple of them. It may not always be obvious why you have been hit with the tiredness and for this reason it is a good idea to keep a record of what was happening to you before the Lupus tiredness began. Then maybe you will be able to see if there is an obvious cause.

On good days don’t go doing all those jobs you have been wanting to do for some time, this will only knock you back and may even take many days to recover from.

Make sure that you get really good nights sleep, if you suffer from pain at night, make sure you take your painkillers before you go to sleep. Keeping your room cool will also help you to sleep better and try to avoid stressful events that you know will keep your mind wide awake at night.

Build in plenty of breaks during the day and to know your limitations, this is very difficult to do especially if you have a family to look after and a job to go to, but this is very important as lupus sufferers find it very difficult to catch up on lost sleep.

Many Lupus symptoms in women sufferers, try many medications to help combat the Lupus tiredness, some treatments for your Lupus help to a certain extent, but the main course of action is up to you to alter your way of life.

Explaining to friends and family about how the Lupus tiredness affects you is extremely difficult and they may even accuse you of being a hypochondriac or that you are playing on your condition.

Lupus tiredness can be described as, its like walking in treacle, or your body feels like it is carrying around lead weights and that your brain just wants to stop function and shut down. These feelings can happen at any time and with no warning.

While you are trying to cope with Lupus tiredness you may well look very well and in fact even blooming while inside your body you have totally had it and can’t do another thing.

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