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Stopping Seizures Without Medication
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When a person has a seizure, often the first thing that they do is go to a neurologist and get a diagnosis. There are lots of medications on the market that will stop the seizures and neurologists are effective at picking the right one for your type of seizure. However, the problem is they don't ever attempt to cure the underlying cause unless they can see it on an EEG. There are many causes of seizures from nutritional deficiencies to neurotoxins and even ineffective breathing techniques. The problem lies in the fact that people don't realize until they have been stuck in the cycle of seizures and medicine that the drugs create health problems.

When I was first told that my medication could cause liver damage, the doctor made is sound like it was unlikely and worth the risk. For twenty years, I just accepted his advice and didn't take any alternatives to medicine for epilepsy very seriously. I assumed that my doctor would let me know if the alternatives to medicine for epilepsy were actually effective. That is not really the case. The doctors need patients to earn a living and their training does not extend into alternatives to medicine for controlling seizures.

So what is a person who starts having seizures do? They usually just take the drugs and put up with the drowsiness. Sometimes, as in my case, the body slowly adjusts to the side effects and you do not realize that you are not functioning optimally. As with any drug, it is not entirely safe in the long run. Eventually, I experienced side effects such as vertigo and double vision. These were unacceptable and worse to experience than an actual seizure.

Thanks to the internet, we can find alternatives to medicine for epilepsy. There are books by people who tried these alternatives and found cures for their epilepsy. People are sharing their experiences about coming off medicine. Doctors are not willing to help you come off anticonvulsants unless they just don't control the seizures, but staying on medication can be just as dangerous.

You can let your doctor know that you are interested in trying an alternative to medicine. In my experience, they will just shrug them off and tell you that they will not help. Some doctors will let you know that it is worth trying, but do not want to take you off the medication that they prescribed for you. Keep in mind, that the doctors also are concerned about liability issues. They learned about drugs and surgery and that is their domain. That is what they will almost always prescribe.

Open you mind to the possiblity that you can control seizures without medication. I made it to adolescence without seizures or drugs. There is no reason why I should not be able to live without them as an adult. Follow along as I stop seizures naturally.

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