Symtoms Of Ulcerative Colitis /ibs And Crohn's Disease
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Symtoms Of Ulcerative Colitis /ibs And Crohn\'s Disease

If you or anyone you know is Suffering from Crohn's disease ,you may know how debilitating the chronic condition can be.

Unfortunately while many patients and their families are familiar with the term,the same cannot be said for Crohn's disease management.

The fact that the exact cause of the disease remains vague is also why it is such a challenge to deal with.

Some theories suggest that the disease is a combination of conditions while others suggest hereditary causes.

However ,there are theories and proven treatments that have curbed its severity.

Most people are not familiar with them though.

This make sit even more difficult for a primary caregiver ,such as a freind or family member , to alleviate his charge's discomfort.

Ulcerative Colitis causes the upper layer of the large intestine to inflame and break out in ulcers.

Crohn's disease on thew otherhand ,may cause ulcers and inflammation on all layers of the large intestine.

If that isn't tricky enough,a patient's bowel may have healthy sections within the diseased areas.

Both men and women are affected by Infammatory Bowel Disease.

There are significantdifferences between these 2 digestive disorders.

We can consider the location;

Crohn's disease causes inflammation anywhere along the digestive tract whereas in ulcerative colitis the inflammation is usually limited to the colon.

The nature of the inflammation also varies,

ie in ulcerative colitis the inflammation is continuous throughout the large intestine whereas in Crohn's disease it can quite easily only be in patches.

The continuous inflammation in ulcerative colitis can make the colon wall thinner .

Moreover the ulcers can appear on the mucus lining the large intestine,but they do not extend beyond it.

On the other-hand the colon wall may thicken in Crohn's disease and the large intestine may have a rocky appearance.

As with the inflammation ,ulceration in Crohn's disease is widespread and can extend into all the layers of the bowel wall.

It is worthy of note to say here that while most symtoms of both diseases overlap,there are some marked distinctions as well.

For instance; while both diseases cause abdominal pain,in ulcerative colitis,the pain is common in the lower left part of the abdomen,while in Crohn's disease,it is usually the opposite.

Basically both disease have their causes in inflammation.

The inflammation is caused by breaking ulcers in the linking of both the small and large intestinal tracts.

The ailment is named after the physician who classified the condition in 1932.

Burril B.Crohn.

He was the first to describe the disease after diagnosing patienys who were sufferingfrom an inflammation of the samll intestine and terminal ileum.

The condition affects these areas the most.

1.terminal Ileitis


3.Regional enteritis

4. Granulomtous enteritis

While Crohn's disease mainly attacks the bowels it can affect the digestive system all the way from the mouth to the anus as well.

It is aklso related to ulcerative colitis ; an inflammatory illness that only affects the colon.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is diagnosed when a pateint exhibits both of these conditions.

It can be quite trickt=y to diagnose the illness since it emulates the symtoms of both ulcerative colitis and IBD.

Crohn's disease is uaually a symtom of ulcerative colitis.

Since Crohn's Disease can affect any part of the gut , a proper understanding of the digestive tract will be helpful in understanding the condition better.

The gastrointestinal tract starts at the mouth.

Once food is processed i the mouth,it is sent to the stomach and then to the small intestine.

The small intestine is divided into the ileum,duodenum and the jejunum.

After passing through the small intestine ,the process ends in the large intestine where the colon and the rectum are located.

The colon contains the food the the body has not been able to digest and that is finally passed out through the anus.

While it is true that both men and women are likely to develop Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome,the condition is known to affect people who live in developed countries more.

Research suggest that IBD is more common in Caucasian populations.

There have been fewer collated and diagnosed instances in the Asian and Hispanic communities instances.

Patches of Crohn's disease can appear anywhere within the digestive tract.

This is also what makes Crohn's and the diagnosis so problematic.

However it is the ileum that is most affected in approxiamtely 1/2 of all cases.

Areas such as the stomach and the esophagus are not affected as much while the colon and small intestine are more commonly affected.

It is a debilitating disease and while medications can go some way to relieving the symtoms it would appear that the best results are achieved through moderating the diet and making some serious changes to lifestyle choices.

Ie ; Limiting alcohol intake,eliminating smoking and reducing sugar intake and the amount of processed food consumed.

Taking a seriously active role in managing what we consume can have a dramatic effect on our comfort and in managing this problematic disease.

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