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Want To Live Longer? #24 What Is In The Flour You Are Eating? Part One
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Want To Live Longer? #24 What Is In the Flour You Are Eating? Part One

I was just sitting here eating my toast made with Ezekiel organic, cinnamon, raisin bread, and when I went to put something on it I remembered that I had eaten margarine all my life because I was told by the US Department of something when I was younger, that butter was bad for you. So to be healthy we always ate margarine. Now I know that margarine is what is bad for you. Margarine is not a food. Dr. Weil says it is the only thing you should never eat.

Lies....This is really getting to me, to be lied to so much about what is good and what is not. I am doing all my own research from now on. I am going to find out for myself.

#24 Flour: Do You Know what is bleached, unbleached, bromated, and unbromated?

What you do not know about flour may kill you just like GMOs.

GMOs, there is a lie too. What about all the genetically modified food in the grocery store? It is a shorter list to find out what is not GMO in the grocery store and buy that. They do not want to have to label their GMO food because they are afraid we will not buy it. They are right.

Soon you will be buying only organic because that is the only thing we can trust in the grocery now as nonGMO food.

Okay, so wait until you hear about the flour. Check this out.

Whole Wheat

While an animal can live on whole wheat, fed only white flour the animal will soon die. As with all mammals this is true....yes, this does include us as humans. Never forget, we are mammals too.

1. Why have they taken the best part of the food out?

Whole foods like whole grain wheat flour are complete foods as nature made them. And whole foods are life sustaining.

It is a mystery to me why anyone would want to take out the good part of the food and sell the only the bad part. I have read that their reason for doing so was because they did not believe anyone would buy it if it was brown. The same goes for sugar too.

However, it began long ago during the industrial revolution with companies trying to sustain the product with longer shelf lives for transport. Whole grain has the germ in it, and the germ contains fatty acids that begin to oxidize once the flour is milled and the germ is exposed to oxygen. Now that the germ is exposed, it can become rancid. This process happened more quickly than it could be transported to the customer.

As we did not know that most of the nutrients were in the germ, we then believed we could remove the germ and sell the flour without it, making the product more transportable, and nothing would be changed that mattered. This became the norm; because once the germ is removed the flour cannot become rancid.

2. What is heat-processed flour?

There is also something called heat-processed flour, which is where the germ is removed from the flour, processed with steam, microwaves, or heat, and then added back into the flour. Ready-to-bake cookie dough mixes are urged by the FDA to use this type of flour to reduce the risk of E. coli in the flour. I am not liking this pattern followed by the FDA. Seems to me they are more for business than they are for consumer. But apparently they do not listen to me?

3. What Is Flour Comprised Of?

Plants and grasses store their glucose as starch. Flour is composed mostly of starch which is a subset of complex carbohydrates. They are better known as polysaccharides which are multiple units of monosaccharides. Monosaccharides are just simple sugars, and that means they break down quickly into glucose in our bodies.

Do you remember sifting? Different flours are used for baking breads than pastries like cakes and cookies. Baking flours usually contain more protein for baking bread because they will make a stronger, denser, crustier, chewier bread. Pastry cooking requires the kind of flour that is finer and contains less protein, like heat processed or bleached, self-rising flour, cake flour and all-purpose flour.

4. What is refined flour?

Refined flour has had the germ and the bran removed from it.

5. What Is Bleached Flour?

It is any flour that has had a whitening agent added to it, and has been refined. Bleached flour can be one that has been matured or aged using a bleach, or a maturing agent. Bleaching only affects the carotenoids in the flour and maturing only affects the gluten, either reduced or increased. The agents used for maturing can be any of the following: benzoyl peroxide, potassium bromate, ascorbic acid, or chlorine gas.

Most flours that go to the grocery stores have been matured using benzoyl peroxide or chlorine gas these days. However, the ones going to other companies for more products are mostly still bromated. And as you understand, this means that the food you buy in the grocery that is processed has this compound in it.

Other bleaching agents include: any organic peroxide (like benzoyl peroxide), chlorine, chlorine dioxide, calcium peroxide, nitrogen peroxide, azodicarbanomide, and atmospheric oxygen. Bromates, peroxides, and chlorine are not legal to be used in Europe.

6. What is unbromated?

It is flour that has had potassium bromate added to it.

I would see the word unbromated, on the label of a potentially good bread with unbleached flour. I had always assumed that it was something they did to flour to make it unnatural, like bleaching. I was wrong. It was something they did not add.

7. What is potassium bromate?

It is what they call “a maturing agent”. It is added to flour to make certain that the gluten in the dough does its job completely. It is a potential carcinogen. Since a carcinogen is harmful to your health and means it is a cancer causing compound, many companies have switched to using ascorbic acid, because it does the same job without leaving a possible residue that causes cancer.

Potassium bromate was banned in the UK and Europe in 1990, in 1994 in Canada, in 2001 in Sri Lanka, and 2005 in China. It has also been banned in Brazil and Nigeria, but not in the United States.

A theory has emerged about bromide in food products which would mean potassium bromate. It is called the Bromide Dominance Theory.

Let's see what you think.

Bromide has been used in so many products including flame retardant clothing and other materials, food products, asthma inhalers, pesticides (methyl bromide), computers, mattresses, car interiors, television, fabrics, dyes, cell phones, prescription drugs, fabric softeners, some hair products, brominated vegetable oils have been added to some sodas, citrus-flavored drinks and some Gatorades, some cosmetics and more.

When the bromide in our blood gets high enough to cause an interference with the iodine in our system it causes it to inhibit iodine absorption, then the iodine gets replaced with bromide. This can then become an illness like hypothyroidism or others. Low iodine levels cause problems with your thyroid gland as well as other organs.

Every thyroid disease including hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases and thyroid cancer have implicated very high levels of bromide for their cause, and at levels of 50 times higher in thyroid cancer than normal thyroid tissue.

The FDA was asked to list potassium bromide as a poison and ban it in foods, but it is still listed as a safe additive in the United States, even though it causes cancer in laboratory rat experiments. And the FDA knows it causes cancer in these rats. Coca Cola had to recall their Dasani water for this years ago. It is used in some mouthwashes and toothpastes, even though it is very toxic if taken internally.

Commercial breadmakers say that nothing else does the job of potassium bromate. Yet Pepperidge Farm has no problem with their products and never adds this compound to any of their products, including their breads.

Potassium bromate causes cancer, especially kidney cancer. It also causes deafness, especially in the lower frequencies. There have been many experiments showing that it causes mental problems from depression to schizophrenia. Documented experiments showed that one third of the iodine in the thyroid of rats was replaced with bromide, when it was introduced into their system.

It enhances estrogen reception and decreases progesterone reception. It lowers the sex drive of mice. It causes fetal abnormalities and decreases sperm count. It promotes Goiter, alters learning and memory, and affects mood and behavior. A Canadian study found bromides in breast milk from two flame retardant chemicals, dechlorane plus (DP), and polybrominated diphenylether (PBDE) being used on baby seats and other baby clothing and accessories.

Potassium bromide is currently used in the United States for an anti-seizure treatment for seizures in cats and dogs. Its use is increasing as the second line treatment and it may soon replace phenobarbital as first. It is not legal to use on humans. However in the 1950's bromide was given to women to try and suppress their sex drive (could you even imagine why this was done or who was doing it). Bromides can also cause benign tumors called angiomas on the skin, as well as other skin lesions.

According to the United States Army many cases of improperly diagnosed, and even committed patients with mental conditions had their illnesses alleviated by getting the bromides out of the person. The half-life of bromides is as such that it can be removed sufficiently, in 12 to 14 days, and in only 65 hours with saline loading. In America these chemicals are found in most baby car seats and so much more according to one study reported.

So with all these doctors and scientists claiming that it should be banned in our country, and already many other countries have banned the use of this because bromide is toxic and causes many atrocious illnesses, maybe it needs to be banned in the United States like we have asked it to be.

What do you think?

I think I will go out tonight and buy organic flour to make my bread tomorrow. We know GMOs are bad, but as you can see, they are not the only problem.

Read on to Part Two.

Street Talk

Joan S  

How does one keep up with all the dangerous fake foods and chemicals? Seems we can't trust our federal agencies to protect us because they're in bed with the perps. Kaite, I think change starts with awareness and refusing to buy these adulterated foods. Thanks for another good article. I'm writing another one on GMOs and will link it to this article and your other one on GMOs. We have to do our share in getting the word out to people.

  about 9 years ago

You are so good to me Joan...i cannot thank you enough...maybe together we can make a dent in the education of these nasties...what else can we do?....I do have more ideas ...I will keep you posted....Thanks are a great writer..

  about 9 years ago
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