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Want To Live Longer? #29 This Is How To Keep Your Estrogen Levels Balanced
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Want To Live Longer? #29 This Is How To Keep Your Estrogen Levels Balanced

You have probably seen this flower growing if you do not live in a big city.

#29 Red clover is better at keeping estrogen levels correct than most medications.

You did not know that did you?

Red Clover is not only good for balancing the estrogen levels, it has been used for many ailments. The list is long and starts with cancer as it is in the Essaic tea known for cancer help, which includes eight herbs. There is also asthma, syphilis, burns, bronchitis, sedation, ulcers, quitting smoking, PMS, menopause, and I am sure even more.

Estrogenic Effects

I am not going to get too technical but I want you to understand a little about this so I am giving it to you straight, but in laymen's terms so it is understandable by all. Please be patient with reading this and it will make sense to you; I promise.

The reason behind these effects from this herb plant is because of what it is comprised. First of all it is made of of isoflavones. These isoflavones in particular are genistein, daidzein, biochanin, and formonometin.

Genistein and daidzein isoflavones act as phytoestrogens as they all do. Phytoestrogens are known to balance estrogen levels by preventing the overgrowth of cancer cells. And they do this through only the estrogen-receptors that are positive and negative.

It is not advised for men to indulge in drinking red clover tea or using this herb at all because of these effects. It can cause the estrogen levels in men to go too high, thereby giving them such things as breast tenderness and more.

Biochanin A is another of the isoflavones here and this one is a flavonoid and is also found in soy, chick pea, peanuts and alfalfa sprouts. This phytoestrogen is known for its positive effects on killing cancer cells.

Formononetin is another phytoestrogen and occurs mainly in the legume family or beans, like green beans, lima beans, and soy.

Phytoestrogens, which are plant derived estrogens, have a weak estrogenic action and can help with menopausal symptoms as well as PMS.

During menopause these compounds replace the estrogens that are no longer being produced, thereby helping balance the effects, and symptoms, of menopause.

Before menopause when estrogen levels can get too high, these phytoestrogens can cause the excess estrogen in the blood to be sent to the liver for removal. This happens because they bind to the estrogenic receptors themselves. This herb can be beneficial during this time when PMS strikes.

Just so you will know, everything that comes into the body has to attach itself to a receptor of some kind so that it can be utilized by the body. Receptors are usually explained as a lock and key effect. Each receptor has a shape and each compound has a shape. The compounds only fit into their own receptors with their shape.

Other Uses

Red clover can be used to cleanse the blood, and has been by several Native American tribes for centuries as well as many herbalists.

It can be useful in clearing your skin too.

By stimulating the liver, the blossoms are known for taking care of liver problems and other digestive ailments.

Red Clover has been used as a diuretic. This means that when you have excess fluid in your system it helps to clear it out. In this way it is thought of as "purifying" the blood.

It helps to give you a liver cleanse.

When you have problems with mucous it is a helpful herb to get rid of mucous in the lungs as an expectorant.

For those of you with circulation problems it is also a helpful herb with that condition.

It is known to be of assistance with cancer, like endometrial and prostate, and respiratory conditions like whooping cough.

Probably anyone with eczema or psoriasis knows that it is an herb they can depend on to help with their conditions or any other inflammatory skin ailments.

Besides being a known source of isoflavones, it is also a source of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, thiamine (vitamin B1), niacin (vitamin B3), calcium and chromium.

The isoflavones in red clover have also shown to be of assistance in slowing down the progression of osteoporosis.

There is also evidence stating that it helps with cardiovascular problems, blood clots, plaque, arterial wall strength, as well as lowering LDL and raising your HDL thus being of help with cholesterol levels.


Nothing in the way of serious side effects have been seen with this herb, but always speak with a physician first before giving any herb to a child.

For use on the skin you should use approximately 10% to 15% flower tops in your poultice. And as you should already know, if there is no doctor present, do not apply this herb, or any herb, that you have not applied before, to an open wound.

This herb may interfere with certain medications. Some of those on the list so far are tamoxifen, blood thinners, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy and any estrogens.

Pregnant women should never take this while they are pregnant or even breastfeeding.

The other names you should know to look for are Meadow clover, Cow clover, Purple clover, Cow grass, Wild clover, and of course Trifolium pratense.

From Your Garden

You can grow your own and use the red clover sprouts for ingredients in your salads to make them delicious.

When you get the blossoms to bloom in your garden you can make extracts, tinctures, salves, and more with them.

Especially good is a red clover tea. And I have a recipe here for you with a few other ingredients.

Use the blossoms and also some mint leaves. You can also add dandelion into this tea for all of its marvelous benefits (which we will discuss very soon in its own article). You can steep it for five to ten minutes and then add honey if you want and maybe even some lemon.

If you wish you can just use red clover blossoms to make a tea, and add honey or lemon if you so desire. It makes a delicious tea by itself.

My Red Clover

I have actually been drinking this tea for so long that I do not even remember how I came to find it.

My health has been without problems until I was diagnosed with Histiocytosis X twelve years ago, so I have simply used herbs for good health purposes.

I classify this herb with dandelion tea that I drink as well and I know it has been good for me too. An article will be coming up on dandelion for you soon.

There is nothing herbs can do for Histiocytosis X because they do not know much about it, except for the fact that it is usually fatal. I am so lucky to be alive.

Having been exceptionally healthy all of my life has been another blessing. I see my friends who have had cancer more than once, diabetes, and digestive ailments like Chron's Disease or diverticulitis, and so many other known diseases and I thank God for my life literally on a daily basis.

I take this as a message for me to spread the knowledge that I have learned throughout the years to as many others as I can, to try and be of some health with their health.

Please read and learn all that you can and be happy for the health you have, and if it is not good then we must learn what we can to make it better.

I will try and be of some help.

Remember to eat organic all the time or as much as you can, according to your whereabouts.

Stay away from GMO food in the groceries.

If there is something that you would like me to write about, please let me know, and I will see what I can research to write some information on the subject for you.

And for those of you women, while reading this article, a good red clover tea can be good for sipping while you read.

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Sister Kaite, The more I learn about spices,herbs and all things organic, I see time and time again how healing powers come into play. I like reading your articles for the information contained within...if I don't understand something I go off in search to find out more.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you so very much William6, can also ask me questions...I would be glad to answer them for you as well...thank you for reading and commenting.....k

  about 1 decade ago
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