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What Is Cancer
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Many, many people ask this same question...what is cancer and how can I fight it !

I think most would at least want to believe theres hope for the future, you know to find that ultimate cure being promised for so long now. How come it's still in the future and not here yet ? Without sounding pessimistic, I can't help but think they aren't trying to find a cure.

One might ask themselves why would that be the case ? Ever heard of industry ?.....well cancer is not only a world wide industry but has become a complete institution. Doctors, care givers, radiologists technicians, drug companies just to name a few.

Lets talk about the FDA shall we, I've just had the pleasure today to watch a very good film about a new type of treatment, I'm not going into details at this time but, what I will say is the poor Dr. who has worked for such a long time just to be allowed to do clinical trials so one day this could become available to the public. The FDA. tried everything in their power to shut him down, when that failed they had him arrested and charged with crimes, when these were not successful they added insult to injury by stealing his patent and beginning to produce this treatment method themselves.

Why I bring this up is simple, if you truly want to know why theres no cure for cancer follow the money, I think you'll find it's in the trillions of dollars. That one scary amount of money, thats more money than you or I could ever hope to imagine. If you don't believe me here, consider this ! .... pretty much everything we encounter in our lives are connected one way or another with money, why should this be any different. In fact when you think about the amount involved here, It becomes painfully clear, why would they ever want to cure cancer ?

Before you jump on me, remember I'm only the messenger ! .... my message is clear, stop believing their bull and start thinking for your selves again, I know It's tough at first, like holding down the grass when first creating a path.

What is cancer ? ... cancer is a wakeup call  to all of us who don't live healthy lives. I'm sure you don't want to hear that, much easier to just take a pill or a drug and the problem seems to disappear. Problem is, It doesn't, It comes back to haunt us in a big way too. Cancer isn't something you catch, It's our on bodies being out of whack and seeking a balance, no drugs or radiation will provide that, but It is within each of us to do it for ourselves.

In my next article I'll get into much more depth about how you can bring about these changes, to help prevent cancer from developing in the first place. Not to worry if you've already developed cancer my article can help you as well.

I hope by reading my article you've come to a better understanding, the power to heal is within you, not outside some where in some magic pill.....Thanks for reading.... May god bless you all !  

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I agree with you that cancer is a wakeup call that we are not eating the right foods and getting enough exercise....totally! there is a cure for cancer you can go to salvestrol and this website is in Canada so it is a dot and then ca...and buy it is inexpensive and does not harm any of the healthy cells in your body...only the cancer cells and you can take this along with any other treatment you are doing... good luck you can also go to salvestrolbook and this is a dot and then com...and buy a book there or on Amazon all about this compound...The Canadian website tells all about it and even gives you doctors in your area that can treat you with this... you can look up Gerry Potter and his research....he is in England with PhD in medical chemistry...

  about 8 years ago

Ah but now there is a cure for is called salvestrol...Google it and find out more about it and where in Canada you can order can read my articles to find out this info as well....God bless you too

  about 9 years ago
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