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What Is Itp Blood And Treatment Options Used To Increase Platelets
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ITP blood (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura) is a disease that affects millions. Those who have it bleed easily. This is because platelets, the part of the blood responsible for clotting are at unhealthy low levels. A normal healthy individual has a platelet count of 140-500,000 per cubic mm of blood. One who has ITP blood has platelet counts well below that. Anything under 50,000 is considered dangerous and under 20,000 can be life threatening, requiring hospitalization.

Most who have ITP blood spend their lives hovering around these low numbers, always being at risk of serious bleeding and not being able to stop it. This affects their daily activities because even the slightest cut can be a big problem. Low counts cause a rash like condition called petechiae which is actually small little red blood spots that occur under the skin.

Bleeding gums and nose bleeds are also a problem, especially if platelets get below 20k. If platelets go lower (5-10k) then hematomas and bruises can appear for no reason. This is when a collection of blood forms in the soft tissues and under the skin. This is serious because if this happens in the brain (intra cranial hemorrhage) it causes the most damage. Internal bleeding can also occur in the digestive tract.

Although the above symptoms are frightening most with ITP blood never experience them because they are able to maintain platelet levels above 40-50k. Anyone who has ITP blood should always be under the supervision of a medical professional and working hard to increase platelets.

Although there have been advancements in medical technology, standard medical treatments have remained almost unchanged for decades. Powerful medications and surgeries being the standard methods. Since ITP blood is an autoimmune condition, drugs are used to suppress the immune system. Sometimes the spleen is removed since it is responsible for eliminating platelets from the body.

These treatments can increase platelets they are not without risk. Drugs that suppress the immune system can actually damage it permanently in the long run. Also these drugs affect the whole immune system so defenses to every day colds and flues and other bacterias and viruses are lowered.

Since antibodies are being produced that attack the platelets the spleen is then signaled to remove them. For this reason doctors may recommend spleen removal. This can increase platelets in the short term, however since antibodies are still marking the platelets the body will find another means to remove them. In time ITP blood will return even though the spleen is gone.

All natural alternatives can be very helpful in controlling ITP blood and increasing platelets. This is because they can be used to modulate the immune system instead of suppressing it, fixing only what is broken and leaving the healthy processes in tact.

Natural methods can be used in conjunction with your doctors treatments as supplementary and help your doctor reduce prescription drugs and avoid surgery. More and more doctors see the value of natural methods to increase platelets and are willing to cooperate with your wishes to favor natural methods if at all possible.

ITP Blood can be controlled with natural remedies. Dr. Louis Cruz has written a resource on this very subject titled Conquer Low Platelets. I recommend reading it because not only is it written in common language that is easily understood, he also supports his claims with scientific evidence. Dr. Cruz has been successfully treating patients with ITP Blood for years using these non-invasive natural methods.

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