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Your Liver And Nutrition
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In my last article I spoke about the patient I took care of years ago who was found to have cirrhosis of the liver. The majority of us, I have found carry the opinion of, "well you have to die of something". I don't think that we need to hurry that process along any. I think that with proper nutrition and exercise we can live a longer and  more productive life. And, if we have children to raise or wish to be an active part of our grandchildren's lives then we need to do things differently.

Weather I speak about a damaged liver or lungs or whatever, it came about by introducing substances such as, the wrong foods, nicotine, alcohol, medicines and yes even some health food products, into our bodies on a regular basis that was not good for us. We can knowingly or unknowingly abuse our health. If we continually at least try to eat healthy and exercise then it will cut the disease process greatly, especially as we age.

Many people do not have a medical background, so it is easy to not focus on things that I am talking about, until we have problems, and then many times it is too late. I guess ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes.

The Liver's function put in plain simple terms is to *cleanse the body of toxins*. It is when the liver has to cleanse too many toxins all the time that a disease process many start. *More then 2 drinks a day, long term is the frequency that can cause liver damage*. Some other substances causing liver damage may be illegal drugs, over the counter drugs, and yes perscription drugs and even some health food products as stated above. If you are taking certain perscribed medications your doctor may want you to have your blood drawn to check your liver function,  this is the reason.

The information I have just given you is like a small grain of sand on a beach. There is so very much more to know and we certainly cannot know everything. However what we can do is read and become informed by asking questions of our doctors. If we don't care to know then we remain in ignorance of our health and wellness.

For example did you know that *you cannot mix alcohol and Acetaminophen (generiac), Tylenol (name brand) with alcohol? This will cause grave liver damage*.

Remember that too much of anything is not good for your body. Do I drink? Yes, maybe one to two drinks a year. Do I use white in my kitchen? Well....yes but IN MODERATION.  Do we eat fast food? Yes, maybe once a month or even less. We do not eat out as a rule. I don't really trust the way restaurant foods are prepared any more, so no on that one. We generally eat at home, and I prepare all of our meals. If I am in a rush, I use the wonderful crockpot.

We have become more atuned to what we put into our bodies and I hope you will also.

Here's to your health and wellness.

Meet me in article #4

reference: *The Cornell Encyclopedia of Health*

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So good to see someone who understands health discussing health. Thanks for the great article...I will look up the ones previous to this one now.

  about 1 decade ago
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